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Samir Chopra Recipient Of The Walter E. Upjohn Award

Press Release

Samir Chopra was recently honored as one of the International recipients of the Walter E. Upjohn award. Given to individuals who have based their work on Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Leadership, Performance and Community Service.


Dr. William E. Upjohn was the CEO of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals founded in Michigan, US in 1885 and served as company president for nearly 40 years – taking it to a Global player. The W. E. Upjohn Awards were first presented in 1938, five years after Upjohn's death, to honor his principles and his personal philosophy. Dr. Upjohn's life and career were characterized not only by sharp business acumen and technical innovation, but by a social conscience and devotion to civic duty. He is most famed for solving local and    national unemployment problems of the Depression. The W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research was established to study methods to combat unemployment and alleviate the distress caused by that condition. As a person he was very concerned with the prospect of having to lay off his own workers and the broader problem of the hardships of unemployment in the community


This  year, Samir Chopra is one of the International W. E. Upjohn Award recipients which includes a substantial cash award. Samir has worked for a variety of leading organizations including: the US Government, US Health Care Financing Administration: Medicaid Physician Reimbursement, Centers For Disease Control, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, Citigroup as a Vice President in the US business and the Chief Judge of the United States District Court. He is a lifelong trustee of the Hindu Center, Director of the South Asian Bar Association and Chair of the Judiciary Committee, State Chairman of the New York Indian American Republican Committee and Founder of the First Indian American Fraternity in the United States. He has appeared on CNN Financial News and has been interviewed by the New York Times for his work and analysis of the US economy. He is most honored that the American mainstream and Fortune 500 companies are recognizing and honoring Indian Americans for the work that we are performing for society and paying due notice to the impact we as a community are having on global business.


Other recipients include: Brad Burns from Australia, Friedrich Wenzelmann of Germany, Nathalie Bidet of France, Katy Battrick  of the United Kingdom , Sergio Rivolta of Italy, Hei-Soo Cho of Korea, Kyoko  Imamura of Japan and Raimundo Getulio Chav of Brazil.

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Mrs. Usha Chopra India former All Womens National Mounteering record holder. Lee Iaccocca, Samir Chopra

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