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1008 Wells Foundation Brings Fun & Festivities To Orlando

Press Release

1008 Wells Foundation Brings Fun & Festivities to Orlando
and Freshwater Wells to India!!!

Passionate Pursuits … A Celebration of International Women’s Day!

Close to 400 guests of multiple cultures, backgrounds and faiths celebrated their love of life and ability to transform the world on March 11, 2006 during a fund-raiser sponsored by the 1008 Wells Foundation.  The evening was highlighted with heart inspiring speakers, multi-cultural dance performances, acclaimed artists, sumptuous delicacies, festivities and fun celebrating the incredible accomplishments of women in our area.  Passionate Pursuits … A Celebration of International Women’s Day was THE event for this Spring season.

Everywhere one looked there were women expressing their passion for life through painting, singing, designing, writing, dancing and supporting others.  “It was amazing to see what women can accomplish by putting their fear and doubts to the side and following their heart,” said Indrani Patel an enthusiastic guest that evening.  “I feel so inspired by their efforts and believe them when they say all it took was a desire to make a difference stronger that the fear that was trying to hold them back.  These are women just like you and I.  We’re not looking at women with great political power or vast amounts of wealth.  What we are seeing though are women of great conviction with an incredible capacity for love making a difference in their own unique way!”

In keeping with a much loved 1008 Wells’ tradition, the program started with short prayers of unity and peace from the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Islamic, Buddhist, Christian and Jewish faiths.  The air then sizzled that evening with Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Philippine and Jazz music as graceful dancers flowed across the gilded stage.  Linda Callanan, Founder of the Annai Center for Yoga, New York, unfolded The Secrets of the Inner-Self Number and Brenda Miller, Grace & Mercy Ministry, led everyone on The Journey to Find Our Passion with her inspirational message.  The global bazaar & marketplace with its 37 artists and vendors gave everyone a chance to enjoy a taste of a world where diversity is not something to be tolerated but CELEBRATED!  For many, it was the first time they were able to view of many exciting projects benefiting others locally and around the world supported by many home-grown non-profit organizations like 1008 Wells, Wings of Peace, Ten Thousand Villages, B.I.L.A., Kids Aid Society, Trees of Peace, and more. 

Hosted by Jadeine Shives, Founder of the 1008 Wells Foundation, and Madan Gurdial, President, the purpose of the evening was to raise awareness and funding for freshwater wells in India.  Ms. Shives shared the news that construction for 8 wells in the state of Bihar serving 400 people has been slated to start in a few months funded through donations received from the community.  Yet, the good news was only beginning.  The completion of a large drinking water system already under way that will serve 5 villages with 25 tap stands for over 1000 people is only a few short months away.  Coupled with the success story coming out of Sinji Gram Panchayat from the Foundations’ first project, this will bring the number of individuals having a sustainable source of fresh drinking water funded by local community donations and support to 1,500 by the end of 2006.  The art auction held that evening also helped raise much needed funding to continue the Foundation’s goal of 1008 well projects within 10 years. 

The highlighted moment of the evening arrived at the presentation of The Global Women’s Humanitarian Award.  Twenty-three local woman ages 16 to 97, were honored for doing extraordinary things on a global basis.  Nathaly Hewawasam was presented the Jr. Women’s Global Humanitarian Award.  This Gateway High School student was recognized for her enthusiasm to raise $4200 on her own for the Tsunami victims of Sri Lanka and starting the Kids-Aid Society to continue the great work.  She continues to sponsor children in this still devastated region.  Barbara Verchot, Founder of Wings of Peace, won the Global Women’s Humanitarian Award for her work in Thailand including the distribution of blankets, encouragement of tribal women’s handicraft co-ops, construction of schools and medical clinics.  The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mary Elmendorf, for her work in Mexico as the first female president of CARE and her numerous success stories in bringing freshwater to the marginalized communities of Mexico for over 50+ years.

The 1008 Wells Foundation raises awareness and funding for freshwater wells in the marginalized and remote regions of India.  Addressing the root cause of hunger, poverty and disease caused by the lack of clean drinking water, this non-profit, non-sectarian organization works on global and grassroots levels.  To find out how your family, your faith or civic organization can sponsor a drinking water project contact 1008 Wells Foundation.  Be a part of creating new worlds of opportunity one well at a time.  

For more information on 1008 Wells Foundation or how to participate in the next event scheduled for September 16, 2006 please call 407-460-7276, visit www.1008wells.org or write 1008 Wells Foundation, 8297 Champions Gate Blvd, Ste. 127, Champions Gate, FL  33896. 


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Photo: (from left to right) Madan Gurdial, Barbara Verchot, Mary Elmendorf, Nathaly Hewawasam and Jadeine Shives celebrate the accomplishments of local women making global differences.

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