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Bollywood Baatein

Compiled by Anoop Kumar

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"Ash has never been the one to confirm or deny such rumors to anyone. Especially since she has never spoken about her personal life. So why are people expecting her to talk now?" source revealed.  "As for not being seen together, it's just that both Ash and Vivek have been busy with their individual career, both having signed some great films. Every two months they are said to have broken up and patched up again. How long can they do this? It is ridiculous." Incidentally, the media savvy Vivek too is keeping mum this time.

Indian movie heartthrob Aamir Khan has married a screen director, exchanging vows and rings in a quiet ceremony in Mumbai. The marriage of the actor, one of India’s biggest stars, and Kiran Rao took place at his home late Wednesday in a smart district of Mumbai, hub of India’s prolific movie industry.

Amitabh Bachchan's three-week stay in the hospital has left him lighter. "He has lost some weight. But by God's grace, he's recovering," says Abhishek, his son. The Bachchans' three-week ordeal ended Saturday morning when he finally left Lilavati hospital in Mumbai to return to his mother's residence Prateeksha.

The 20,000-odd people at the Indira Gandhi Stadium went positively berserk as Shah Rukh Khan performed at the over three-hour-long Temptation 2005 event. "Shah Rukh, we love you," people shouted, while thousands others whistled and jumped with joy. Girls, in particular, who were just dying to see him, hear him and shake hands with him, were in the end contented if he just looked in their direction or blew flying kisses.

After 8 months shooting in New York, Preity Zinta is back in Mumbai. On the romantic front she says, "I am romantic but I am also very practical and let my head rule." About someone special Ness Wadia, she reveals, "He is an important part of my life. I am really happy at the moment." But she has no plan for marriage right now.

For the first time, Anil Kapoor and Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat will be coming together in a film. They will be acting in Darna Zaroori Hai which has seven different stories, directed by seven directors.  The Anil and Mallika story will be directed by Jijy Philips of My Wife’s Murder fame. Director Prawal Raman is shooting the story with Arjun Rampal. Debutant director Vivek Sinha will be directing another story for the same film.

One has often heard reports of rivalry among co-stars of a film over bagging the meatier role in the film or hogging greater media limelight at a media interaction! In contrast, cases of real life camaraderie between two Bollywood stars are quite rare. One such rare instance of deep camaraderie between Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol was in view when the two visited the capital earlier this week for the promotion of their film 'Dosti-Friends Forever'.

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