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New England Choristers Hold Their Annual Concert

Vijoy Abraham

The New England Choristers conducted their annual concert on the 12th of November at St: Peter’s Church in Weston, MA. The NEC which was founded three years ago have conducted annual concerts for the past three years besides singing at other venues.


As in the past years this year also the performance lasted a little over an hour and was well attended by many from the Indian community and beyond. They sang 12 songs in four different languages ; English, Malayalam, Bengali, Swahili and one particular song was sung in a nonsensical language which was composed with just three words which had  no apparent meaning to them. The styles of the songs ranged from Indian semi classical to western classical and folksy rhythmic songs. The performance was executed very efficiently and with tremendous vocal harmony and was well received by the audience.


The NEC is made up of amateur singers from various facets of life in MA.The group is approximately 23 in strength and all are of Indian origin.The common thread amongst the members is the love of music.The genre is not limited to any particular kind and the group tend to be very experimental.


NEC is conducted by a prominent musician who is well known through out this country and India. Christy Mathew  is a faculty member of the prestigious Berkley school of music.


 NEC has performed often in the past three years and continue to do so. This year we have already performed at 5 different venues the last one being at MIT on the 4th of this month.


The following are the members of this group :


Christy Mathew : Music Director




- Shanta Abraham

- Shiny George

- Suki Cherian

- Sarah Mathew

- Leelamma Joseph

- Elizabeth Manju Abraham

- Mareen George

- Sicy Thomas




- Viji George

- Elizabeth Rajani Abraham

- Neethu Korah




- Joseph Thomas

- Shiby Thomas

- Vinay Cherian

- Abraham Thomas

- Vijoy Abraham




- Binu Oommen

- George Abraham

- Sanjay Mathew

- Saju George

- Paul Varghese

- Johncy Cherian



To get more information about the New England Choristers and their future programs please visit their website at Newenglandchoristers.com or you can write to Choristers2003@aol.com

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