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Film Review - Indian Fish In American Waters

Nirmala Garimella

  'Indian Fish in American Waters'
Raj Vasudeva
Shweta Malhotra
Saumya Kumar Bhatnagar
Puja Lalmalani

Jagan Yedida - Executive Producer
Tim Neylor - Cinematographer
Chandra Karnati - Executive Producer
Om Gupta - Executive Producer
Malviak Gupta - Executive Producer
Devendra Gupta - Executive Producer
Abdulai Diallo - Sound/Sound Designer
Lakshmi Damodar - Executive Producer
Tusher Unadkat - Art Director
Manish Gupta - Screenwriter, Editor, Director

An Indian American comedy with an interesting premise, Indian Fish in American waters scores as a moderately entertaining film for young and old alike. The much maligned FOB (Fresh off the Boat) H1 visa, software engineer from
Hyderabad ( can’t think of a more stereotypical image) lands on US soil eager to make it big in the land of opportunity. He is employed by the savvier, marketing, glib talking American Desi  in the US. The movie begins with FOB Naveen Reddy ( Raj Vasudeva) heading back home ( in this case India) in a taxi which is on its way to the airport in New York. His thoughts wander and the movie is a flashback of his disillusionment with the way he has been treated, by his employer, by the girl   he thought he was in love with and with the country itself.

Now the story:  Naveen’s employer is Bobby Patel ( Saumya Bhatnagar) who with all this American savvy doesn’t have great work ethics. He eavesdrops on phone conversations and controls the work visa of his employees. While doing this he is also wooing Megha Patel ( Shweta Malhotra) an artist who incidentally meets Naveen at his workplace. Sparks fly, and  Naveen and Shweta (much to the annoyance of Bobby)decide to go out for coffee. Slowly chemistry develops and they find themselves drawn to each other.

 Can a FOB marry an ABCD and live happily ever after ? Does love, life and attitude mean the one and the same to them ? Questions like these are resolved in the film inspite of warnings from Megha’s friend Rush who warns Shweta  that an FOB cannot be trusted for  the minute an FOB talks to you he will profess to fall madly in love with you” or Megha’s dad telling her that the Indians from the South are different culturally from Indians in the West of India. Bobby Patel makes his distrust also known by thwarting the couple's growing attraction through rumors. And yet ............

 The movie does not have as much pizzazz as ‘Flavors’, but Director Manish Gupta does well with a new theme and good performances. Indian Fish in American Waters has been screened at various film festivals in North America including ReelWorld 2004 in Toronto however the film has not been released commercially yet.

A one time try out film. Recommended.


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