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TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) - An Opportunity For Young Entrepreneurs

Press Release

TiE-Boston is proud to announce  TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE)  a new Special Interest Group (SIG) geared towards youth between the ages of 14 and 18. Globalization has made the business world an extremely competitive place and as such, TiE-Boston has begun this initiative in the name of arming young adults with a better foundation of business sense and acumen. TYE’s  mission is to run a unique leadership and mentoring program that builds business and professional skills for students in grades eight to twelve.

The SIG caters to the aspirations of young entrepreneurs to achieve fame, wealth, and status. It aims at providing proper business guidance to teenagers and turning them into successful entrepreneurs. People spend exorbitant amounts of money and energy in order to learn basic principles about business but often fall short of their goal.

TYE concentrates on teenagers who have aspirations from an early age, of being entrepreneurs. TYE’s mission is to run a unique leadership and mentoring program that builds business and professional skills for students in grades eight to twelve. This new initiative plans to create awareness in teenagers about business ethics, financial values, leadership qualities, etc. TYE  plans achieve this by implementing the following objectives:
•    Host business plan workshops.
•    Organize startup company visits.
•    Provide networking opportunities.
•    Hold “Technical Challenge” competitions.
•    Allow students to “shadow an entrepreneur.”
•    Create student-run mock businesses.
•    Host forums for students to interact with experienced professionals.
•    To improve student’s time and financial management skills.
•    To hold mock stock market games.

In order to achievethe goals, TiE–Boston has built a volunteer team comprising of six adults and five students. The team includes Gopi Bala, Geetha Ramamurthy, Ron Beraha, Prasad Karnam, Christopher Hanson, Cristina Vieira. "Judging from the response from parents, Kids and sponsors I believe that this initiative has a great promise and as the kids put it - It's Cool," says Geetha Ramamurthy, Executive Director, TiE-Boston. " I
am very excited to be a part of it."

The five students of the teamare, Sudhir Radhakrishna, Weymouth High School, Sarah Mathews, Concord Carlisle High School, Arun Nijhawan, Lexington High School. Shyam Ramamurthy, undergraduate student, Bio Technology, and Prabhod Sunkara, undergraduate student, Finance.

The first initiative of  TYE is going to be a workshop focusing on business plan creation. After all, the business plan is the first and foremost endeavor for any entrepreneur dreaming of success. The business plan workshop will culminate in a contest of who can create the best business plan. The winner will be announced at TiE-Con 2006, TiE-Boston’s flagship conference, in April 2006.

TYE  is a guiding light to all kids who are curious about business and have the drive to realize their entrepreneurial potential. Through unique programs and fun activities, kids will gain not only an interest but a desire to compete in the ever-changing business landscape.  

TYE  is a member based sig under the umbrella of TiE-Boston, a not-for-profit entrepreneurial organization.  To be a member of our sig, at least one parent of the teenager interested has to be a member of TiE-Boston. Membership rates and benefits are available on our website: TiE-Boston.org.

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