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Savy Media Presents Gujarathi Comedy Mane Koi Roko Maa

Nirmala Garimella

Shailesh Baid, of Savy Media group which brings movies, plays and various popular events to the Boston Area is bringing to the New England audience a super hit Gujarathi Play ‘ Mane Roko Naa. Written by Imtiaz Patel and directed by Deepak Gheewala, the cast includes Sameer Rajada, Mallika Shah and Deepak Gheewala. Baid quashed rumors and insisted that his entertainment company Savy Media is still very active and raring to go with quality plays, movies and events. Says Baid, “Savy Media stands for South Asian Variety entertainment and our focus is both at the regional audience and the national audience. This means that we hope to promote not only Hindi plays but other regional language plays too. We also will bring occasional films that are of quality content. This Gujarathi play is going for repeat audiences all over the USA and so it surely should not be missed”.

The play centers on a couple, Anand (Deepak Gheewala) and Shobha (Ragini) who are married for 14 years but not a single day in their lives has passed without quarreling. Although the couple had a love marriage, fights ensued between them on the very day of their wedding reception!

Although Anand has a decent paying job, Shobha is not happy. One day, in one of their arguments, Anand challenges Shobha to earn at least Rs. 5,000 a month. Not to be undermined, Shobha takes up the challenge.

The sub-plot consists Anand’s sister’s blunders, which the couple has to resolve over and above their differences. Comedy appears in the garb of a neighbour’s wise cracks and a servant who is too smart for his own good. These supernumeraries further add fuel to the fire raging between huband and wife.

If things look too facile at this stage, there is more to come. The couple separately seek guidance from a common friend who is a doctor and he in his turn, gives the two of them advice which they find indigestible! And as is usual, there is a moral to be learnt here with all finally ending well.

The super hit comedy will be staged at the Marshall Middle school in Billerica on Sunday, September 25th at 3.30 pm. For more information go to www.savymedia.com.

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