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Laugh A While! Jokes

Compiled by Nirmala Garimella

James Bond vs. INDIAN Hyderabad guy
James Bond Style : The character James Bond has a
peculiar style of introducing himself by calling first
Bond, then followed by great smile & finally James
His style is absolutely killing but he doesn't know
the consequences when he meets our great south indian
When Bond meets a Hyderabad guy:
James Bond : "My name's Bond...(smiles and then
says).... James Bond."
James Bond: "And you?"
Telugu Guy : "I am Sai...
Venkata Sai...
Siva Venkata Sai...
Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai....
Srinivasulu Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai...
Rajasekhara Srinivasulu Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai.....
Sitaramanjaneyulu Rajasekhara Srinivasulu Laxminarayana Siva Venkata
Bommiraju Sitaramanjaneyulu Rajasekhara Srinivasulu Laxminarayana
Siva Venkata Sai....

 James Bond faints!!!

More on Indian English....

  • "Hey, u guys, please keep quiet. The president is rotating outside"
  • "Donot smoke and spoil the botany of ur body"
  • "Open the windows, open the windows, let the climate come in"
  • "Why are you naat filupping the blanks?"
  • Advice to father thinking about whether he should let his daughter continue her studies or get her married : " Vell, if you wantu study her, then study her. If you wantu marry her, then marry her ."
  • Prof to students hanging around the corridors during exams : " Do not revolve in the corridors in front of the examinations "
  • " Don't talk like that in front of my back "
  • ""Dont stand in front of my back"
  • " Louly hair cutting. Hair cutting, current drying . No shock. "
  • " Florida paan shop. Prop: Raju . B.A, M.A. "
  • "Repeat again please!"
  • "Mistake became wrong!"
  • Did you cut the tickets for the film, yet?
  • Pliss, close the fan!


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