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Film Preview - Viruddh

Manoj Shinde

Viruddh - Don't push a hurt man too hard!
 - A man who is content with an idea of an ideal family that comprises of a caring and lovely wife and a gem of a son. And then a tragedy strikes.

 - A middle aged woman who thought that her best years were just starting with her only son standing on his feet. But soon she saw her husband running pillar to post to get justice.

- A young man who thought he could give his middle class parents all the comfort and luxuries in the world. Little did he know that his stay was short lived in this world.

'Viruddh' is the story of three protagonists from a middle class family who thought they had got everything they ever wanted before a tragedy took everything away from them in a flash. Their happiness, their peace, their laughs, their moments......and even their lives.

Produced by AB Corp. and Satyajeet Movies Pvt. Ltd, 'Viruddh' is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar who seems to have got back to his vintage touch with this soul-churning drama of an aged couple who fight back against all odds. And hence the title 'Viruddh' which means 'Versus'.

Patwardhans are a happy family of three - Vidyadhar [Amitabh Bachchan], his wife Sumitra [Sharmila Tagore] and their only son Amar [John abraham]. Everything is going just fine in the family. So what if there is a car garage in the neighborhood from where a constant noise keeps disturbing their peace! Sanjay Dutt being a criminal turned prankish car mechanic doesn't really excite the Patwardhans much but the life still moves on.

Meanwhile Amar introduces his 'phoren' girlfriend Jenni [Anusha Dhandekar , seen in hit track 'Loot Gaye' from 'Mumbai Matinee'], who is readily accepted by his loving parents and soon their marriage is fixed. There couldn't have been better times but little did anyone know that a deadly tragedy was about to strike soon. Amar witnesses a crime in progress and in an attempt to act as a savior gets killed. Police arrive and in order to hush up the case brand him as a gangster killed in a gang fight.

A couple looses their only son. They couldn't see him live enough to take them through their old age. They didn't have any hopes of any kind of lives from hereon. And if this was not bad enough, they are forced to live a life with an attached stigma of their son being branded as a gangster by the police!

What choice do they have? Do they just stay on with this stigma? Do they compromise with the situation? Or do they just leave it to the almighty? OR, do they fight back against the very system that had damaged their once simple yet content life?

They choose this path and in this they are helped by none other than the same old car mechanic who once was a gangster. The journey is tough. The chances of a win very bleak. The effort is big enough to take a toll on them.But fight they give. And a real one. Even is this means fighting a corrupt cop [Sachin Khedekar] in their way. Or any other force that threatens the old aged Patwardhans who are looking for nothing else but pride for their family. Pride for their lost son. The one who met with an untimely death !

The system pushed Vidyadhar too far...Now it will bear the consequences. Because he is the man who lost all but not his faith!!

Also starring Prem Chopra, Sharat Saxena, Beena, Shivaji Satham and Amitabh Dayal [Kagaar] in other principal roles, Viruddh aims at exposing the corrupt system and society that fails to learn from its own mistakes and continues to do the very same act that it despises the most.

A chapter that could be seen in one form or another in any average citizen's life, 'Viruddh' opens unfolds on screens worldwide the 22nd of July.

Amitabh Bachchan's Viruddh - Coming on 22 July 2005 at Showcase Cinema Lawrence 1-6, Worcester North
Banner:-  A.B.Corp Limited & Satyajeet Movies Pvt. Ltd
Cast:-      Amitabh Bachchan, Sharmila Tagore, Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Prem Chopra, Sharat Saxena, Sachin Khedekar
Direction:- Mahesh V. Manjrekar

Theater 1:-
From Friday July 22th onwards at Showcase Cinema,Worcester, MA Address:- 135 Brooks Street Worcester , MA 01606 (508) 853-4000
Directions:- Route 290 East to 190 North, Right onto Mountain Street

Theater 2
From Friday July 22th onwards at Showcase Cinema, Lawrence, MA
Address:- 141 Winthrop Avenue, Lawrence, MA 01843(978) 686-2121
Directions:- Route 114 & 495

Visit for detail showtiming  www.showcasecinemas.com

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