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Poetry Corner - Earth Day

Sajed Kamal

Earth Day

We give the Earth
just one day,
the Earth gives us
that and the rest:
for the most part, we say: "It's the 10th anniversary,
the 20th, the 25th...so let's party!",
then mess up the Earth year-round
doing our wasteful, greedy venomous best.
If we keep on wasting, exhausting, poisoning the Earth --
the soil, the water, the air,
and live of these
but also not -- every day and every year -- truly care,
however far-fetched, outrageous -- even ridiculous
or dumb -- it may sound,
the Earth may go on living, day after day,
but we, the humans, may nowhere be found.

(Sajed kamal, a poet, artist, solar energy expert, educational consultant and adjunct professor in the Sustainable Development program at Brandeis University, has been a Fenway resident since 1965. )

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