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IWL Event - Review

Sangeeta Raju

Indus Women Leaders (IWL) Boston Network on June 27th hosted a discussion on How South Asian Women Leaders Manage It All with Ranjani Saigal - Co-Founder of Lokvani, Project Manager in Academic Technology at Tufts University,  Founder of Eastern Rhythm School of dance and Geetha Ramamurthy - Executive Director at TiE-Boston.

During this candid discussion both the speakers shared their life experiences.The speakers explained how they adjusted to various situations in their life and set priorities that helped them balance work and family. They also mentioned that support from family and mentors helped them in their way to success. Ranjani said that it is important for a woman to believe in her own potential and to know that she is good at it. She advised women to periodically visit their emotional confidence and cleanse the bottomed feelings to continuously strengthen their achievements. She indicated that it is imperative to keep ! up with current job market skills in ones chosen field through continuing education and be prepared for the right opportunity at all times.  Geetha quoted that her three-C mantra “Confidence”, “Challenge” and “Coaching” maintains momentum in her career.  The discussion was moderated by Dr. Jugnu Jain, a scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals who kept the speakers and audience engaged through out the discussion.

About Indus Women Leaders (www.induswomenleaders.org)

Indus Women Leaders (IWL) is a national non-profit forum that provides resources to help South Asian women leaders (originating from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan) achieve their life goals through goal setting tools, advocacy, networking, mentorship, and education.  IWL develops programs designed to support South Asian women leaders with at least 5 years of work experience, a track record of leadership, and a desire to make a difference in their lives and their communities.

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