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Poetry Corner

Chitra Parayath

One and the Same

We share a mind you and I

Bound together in a secret tie
My passion, my name
My lies, my ruse
For better and for worse
In letter and in prose
Wedded we are
In verse.


My Two Selves

We are, we were, the same, one self,
Seeking different destinies
Yearning intangibles, life, joys
Life intense, my heart tumbling alon
Stumbling, tangling in wires
Barbed and meshed and bloodied
While the cruel calculating mind
Licking each fresh wound tasting blood, liking
And counting every false step and fall
Mraches ahead and behind, same time
Destinies, parallel, will never meet or cross
The whole package, mind, heart,body ravaged
In void.

Chitra's family shared these two poems at the memorial service held in her honor on June 11, 2005 at the First Parish in Lexington.

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