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Lokvani Talks To Indira Maini

Nirmala Garimella

Talking to Indira Maini, a real estate agent for Coldwell Bankers is like sipping a cup of soothing herbal tea. She is refreshing, calm, sophisticated, smart, warm and friendly. I would imagine she would give sound advice and honest judgment to her clients who are looking to buy a home.


I meet her in Westborough where she works and we drive to a local star bucks coffee place to have an informal chat. I am amazed at her various interests and her commitment to local voluntary organizations. She is served in various capacities at the Worcester Garden club, YWCA, the MSPCC, and has been on the Board of the Worcester Housing Resources Development. She has periodically dabbled as a Yoga Instructor, Interior Designer and a fund raiser. She has also chaired for PIN, a voluntary organization for independent schools and has also served as a guidance counselor.


With so much of her plate, I ask how she moved into real estate. “I was trained in real estate a long time ago, but took a break when my kids were growing up. Now that they are older and on their own, I decided to move back into this business and renewed my license”.


Why Real Estate? “Well, I find it fascinating because every day is different. I meet new people with different needs and requirements and I am basically a people’s person. Besides it offers a lot flexibility in terms of time and place and I prefer that immensely”


Indira Maini has clients from Westborough, Newton, Southborough, Northborough and she has also sold houses in far away towns and communities. “The good thing about real estate is people who have moved from other states and even countries are willing and open to settle in communities that best suit them and that could be anywhere from Boston to its suburbs and my job is to guide them through this process”.


So what are the advantages of having an agent? “Plenty “says Indira Miani’ “If you find a broker you’re comfortable with, they will professionally and methodically do your research. If you are selling, they will prepare your home for the buyer, market the place with an appropriate price, arrange open houses, take a video of the home, and consult with other brokers. If you are buying, they make sure you are prequalified, and give you the right advice about the property.  Since we have plenty of resources, a buyer or a seller will have all the advantages of maximizing his options. The homework is all done. Placing your trust in the agent that she will get the best home for you is all you need. And that will come when the broker take personal care”.


It is obvious that Indira Maini offers all this to her clients. She says she is particularly delighted when she works with first time home buyers. “They are full of enthusiasm, and I admire these couples who put in their investment with so much thought and care”


So who would make a fine real estate agent? “Someone who is patient and involved yet remains detached when the deal does not work out, loves working with people and give them an honest opinion and advice”


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