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NEMA Celebrates Spring Festival

Press Release

New England Malayalee Association(NEMA) held its spring fesitval Malayalee Vasantotsavam on April  30th 2005  at the Fuller Middle School in Framingham, MA.

NEMA’s Spring Festival 2005 began with a welcome speech by Dr. Omprakash Pillai.  He focused on the traditional celebration of rebirth of spring every year, but he emphasized that this spring, with the unbearable loss of Chitra Parayath, even nature expressed its sorrow being gloomy with clouds and imminent rain.  Everyone present joined in a loving tribute to Mrs. Chitra Parayath, who will dwell in our sanctum sanctorum.

Dr. Pillai then reviewed the status of NEMA, noting that, although NEMA has been registered since its inception, it is now incorporated in the state of Massachusetts.  Dr. Pillai also mentioned the upcoming monthly movies, the Inaugural of the Literary and Philosophical Forum, which will serve, as a permanent forum for Malaylee literary, philosophical and linguistic needs, the June picnic, and our August camping event and Onam program. Dr. Pillai specified that NEMA’s surprising rapid growth and capturing of Malayalee mind is inherent in the strong will of New England Malayalees and the dedication of a group of sincere committee members.

Mrs. Jesse Thomas, Master of Ceremony of the Spring Festival, made gracious introductions so that the whole program proceeded flawlessly. 

The program started with an Invocation Dance by Olivia Varghese and Samyukta Mallik, in which dancers pay obeisance to the gods, to the guru, and to the audience.  Then followed a Pushpanjali by Julia Jose and Jelitta Jose.  Their traditional offering of flowers helped provide the spirit of celebration, and Chaithanya Potti’s Ganapathi Kauthuvam strengthened the Invocation with the prayer to Ganesha, the embodiment of auspiciousness.

Vasanth Murthy then united the audience profoundly with a song dedicated to Chitra Parayath.  Mr. Murthy commented that if Chitra had been sitting among us, she would have loved this song.  Members of the audience mentioned that they hoped Vasanth would sing more for NEMA.  Mr. Murthy then sang a Malayam song followed by a Tamil song. Zaroug Jaleel and Visruth Reddy performed a rock and roll dance and song that reminded everyone of the ongoing joy of life. 

A skit followed, the script having been written by Sri Devaraja Kurup Karavalil.   Mrs. Yasmin Aminudhin directed this piece entitled “Platform #4,” and performers included Savio Sunny John, Samuel Sunny John, Rahul Sukumar, Rakesh Sukumar, Arun Nambiar, Vijay Nambiar, Gokul Ajith, Muneeba Syed, Johan Pereira, Shanieka Pereira, Sahil Suresh, and Rithvik Rajesh.  Yasmin’s talent and encouragement of this group were impressive, and her skill was appreciated by everyone attending.

Afareen and Zarough Jaleel then performed a lovely violin a relaxing piece that continued the music in our celebration, and Jelitta and Julia Rose sang a sweet Cinderella song.  The audience then appreciated a cinematic dance from the movie Vellinakshathram, performed by Muniba Sayed, meghna Bala, Savitha Pillai, and Sanjana Pillai, and choreographed by Sapna Krishnan.  The costumes and choreography represented the theme and the audience was inspired to remember that we need to celebrate rebirth after wintry days.

Achuth Menon then treated the audience to two hit songs from recent movies.  His superb singing elicited awe from the audience.  Then followed a medley dance by Afreen Jaleel, Kavya Sebastian, Navya Sebastian, Nada Shireen Pullickal, Ganga Nair, and Janaki Nair, and the modern costumes and style charmed the audience.  Gayathri Menon and group performed a Shivanjali, choreographed by Ranjini Saigal, in honor of the goddess and Lord Shiva.  Gayathri’s beautiful smile brought a warm glow to the entire program.

The audience then encouraged and cheered the little guitar player, Sahil Suresh, and our little keyboard players Azmina Ilyas and Pranav Menon, as well as singers Adiba Ubaidu and Samyutha Mallik.  The dance by Akshit Anish from the movie Lagaan and a dance by Nilanjana Nambiar from the movie Vellinakshatram mesmerized the audience.  The song by Omprakash Pillai was, as usual, a hit.  Another modern dance that brought liveliness to the audience was from the movie Dhoom, choreographed by Sapna Krishnan and performed by Amy Shalabh, Nikhitha Shalabh, Kushi and Shruthi.  Members of the audience joined in this joyful dance. Songs sung by Anoop Abraham intensified the joy.

Suddenly the stage was full of children with colored costumes from different regions of the world.  One exciting scene that fascinated the audience became a highlight of the program.  NEMA officials thanked Shermin especially for organizing this large production.  Fashion Show participants were Afareen Jaleel, Nada Shireen Illikkal, ganga Nair, Janaki Nair, Kavya Sebastian, Navya Sebastian, Savio John, Samuel John, Nilanjana Nambiar, Ami Shalabh, Nikita Shalabh, Adhiba Ubaidu, Asmina Illyas, Isha Hameed, Zaroug Jaleel, Praveen Menon, Pranav Menon, and Vishruth Reddy.

The program ended with a rendering of the National Anthem, which was coordinated by Jalina Shalabh.  Singers included Savio Sunny John, Samuel Sunny John, Rahul Sukumar, Rakesh Sukumar, Arun Nambiar, Vijay Nambiar, Gokul Ajith, Muneeba Syed, Johan Pereira, Shanieka Pereira, Sahil Suresh, and Rithvik Rajesh.  On the keyboard were Amy and Nikhita Shalabh. 

NEMA Secretary Anand Puruvangara thanked all participants and members warmly for their thoughtful and skillful participation, and the Spring Festival concluded with a delicious buffet, which elicited hearty praise from all, especially the delicious dessert. 

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