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Tom Reilly For Governor

Anil Saigal

Iffat and Shahid Khan organized a fundraising dinner for Gubernatorial candidate , Attorney General Tom Reilly,  at their Framingham home on May 1st, 2005. In addition to four elected state representatives and senators, there were more than 100 people in attendance.

Shahid Khan is a noted political and social activist and recognized authority on South Asian affairs. Khan has chaired the Pak-Millennium Conference since 1999. As commissioner of the Governor of Massachusetts’ Asian American Commission, he had a central role in informing and advising the governor about South Asian community issues as well as their solutions. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and served as the national finance co-chair of the John Kerry for President Committee.

In his opening remarks, Tahir Chaudhry, Former President of Islamic Society of Boston, remembered clearly the role Tom Reilly played after 9/11. Hate crime was on the rise when Reilly invited all members of the community to meet with the Police Chiefs, listened to our issues, made it clear that any type of hate crime will not be accepted and announced the Zero-Tolerance policy.

Reilly grew up in Springfield, MA. His parents were immigrants from Ireland. He was the youngest kid in his family. In a tragic accident, two of his brothers died and his father passed away when he was 16. Besides his parents, an African American man guided him and taught him the value of education. “For me, making statements about hate crime and zero-tolerance policy was the right things to do. The role of the government is to work for you and protect you,” said Reilly. Reilly feels that right now there is a disconnect between the Governor and the State and between the Governor and Businesses. "As a result of the policies over the past decade, Massachusetts in the only state in the country that has lost population in the last census. Majority of the people leaving are the young and educated, those who are the future of the state" said Reilly. “If I become the Governor, my goal will be to increase funding for the states colleges and universities and make UMass-Amherst a flagship institution,” said Reilly 

Reilly's speech was followed by brief remarks from Anwar Kazmi, Larry Rosenthal, President of American Jewish Council and Dr. Sam Lewis, who is running for Lt. Governor. The event raised over $10,000.

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