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Colours Of India - Dr. Nabanita Javed

Anil Saigal

The Center for Arts in Natick is holding a painting exhibit ‘Colours of India’ by Dr. Nabanita Javed from May 1 – 27, 2005. The exhibit by artist, Dr. Nabanita Javed, evokes her "bold strokes and lively colors that convey an authentic sense of India." Dr. Nabanita Javed is an OB/GYN doctor in the city of Calcutta where she is has a very busy schedule. Her work leaves her exhausted and yet full of tension and energy that she channels into her paintings. The exhibit features over twenty paintings in a wide variety of figurative work in bold strokes and bright hues.

Says the artist, Dr Javed, "The show is titled 'Colors of India' and one thing is certain, you will find plenty of color here. As a self taught artist, I first dabbled in paint but it has now grown to be almost a full time activity. Beside my medical practice, whatever time I get , I spend it in painting. Not only is it a release from the stress of my work, but I see it as an outlet for my own personal growth."

This is her second show in the US after one at Needham last year. Exhibiting with her, are photographs of India by her brother, Amit Ghosh. John and Tobey Sullivan of Wellesley, MA are curating the exhibit. Please join Dr. Javed for a reception at the main gallery on Wednesday, May 11 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN) brings the arts into the daily lives of MetroWest residents through the establishment of a community center for performance music, dance, theater and visual arts. The Center for Arts provides a cultural focus for this region. In this facility, both developing and established artists present performances, literary events and art exhibitions. Here the community enjoys a cultural environment that brings together individuals and families, children and seniors to participate in the Arts. All who enter will benefit from exposure to the Arts in this vibrant, creative and interactive environment. For further information, visit www.natickarts.org.

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