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TAGB Celebrates Ugadi With An Entertaining Cultural Progam

Press Release

TAGB Ugadi Utsavalu, April 9, 2005



Telugu Association of Greater Boston (TAGB) celebrated Ugadi on a grand scale from 6 pm to midnight on the day of the Telugu New Year, April 9, 2005 at the Keefe Tech School Auditorium. More than 500 people participated in these celebrations. There were 25 presentations of dances, songs, instrumental music, skits and a drama with about 110 performers. The program was run continuously for six hours without a break.


The program started with a Happy Ugadi message by the TAGB president, Polavarapu Baburao, and a prarthana song by Mr. & Mrs. Sri Sai.


Children’s programs dominated the first half. Small children in fancy dresses attracted everyone’s attention in the beginning. Sishu Bharati children performed a skit named “Ye DeshamEgina”.  Telugu students performed a skit based on a Panchatantra story of Puliraju, Brahmanudu and Nakka. Soundhraya Lahari students performed three devotional skits. Additionally, there were classical, folk and filmi dances, vocal music and Ekaptrabinayam. 


TAGB felicitated Dr. Ramachandra Rao Dasari, a prominent MIT scientist and an expert on laser spectroscopy for his contributions to the scientific research and education in India and the US. He was honored on the stage by Dr. Gopal Venna with the presentation of a plaque. Also, Dr. Ammani Dasari, a longtime member, patron and well-wisher of TAGB and a Boston area Indian community leader, was felicitated for her success in the recent elections as TANA trustee.


The second half began with the traditional panchanga parayanam by Mr. Pingali Narasihma Rao. It was followed by programs by older children and adults who presented vocal and instrumental music and dances. Dances to the tune of popular film songs by four groups of children thrilled the audience who responded with claps and whistles. The comedy skit, “Andaru sukha padali nandanandana” and the drama, “Bojja Ganapathi” were the highlights of the evening.


These celebrations were made possible by the financial contributions of our sponsors: Miller, Patel & Donabed LLP and Prakash Reddy’s PSD Inc. paid for the auditorium, Dr. Gopal Venna sponsored pizzas for dinner, and Dr. Vijayasimha Chennamasetty made a contribution to the general pool. We have also grateful to Annapornalu (Annapurna Punukollu, Vijaya Yarrabothu, Sailaja Jasthi, Geetha Prasad, Sunitha Narasimha Reddy, Ravija Karra, Komala Yelamanchili, Rajani Polavarapu, Vanaja Reddy, Uma Rani Chemicalla) - the ladies who prepared delicious food for dinner.


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