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Regional Film Review - Anand

Nirmala Garimella

Anand Movie review


The tag line of this film goes as follows “ Oka manchi coffee laaga” ( Like the aroma of fresh coffee” ) and sure enough the movie delivers a flavor that is so unlike many other Telugu films that leave little to be said nowadays.  Sekhar Kammula the Director who made ‘Dollar Dreams’, offers a surprising well made film with a  heart warming cast who in their respective roles pull off a clean and well meaning love story.


The plot is unoriginal to say the least. Boy meets girl who is already engaged and ready to marry and falls in love with her after she takes a heroic stand at her own wedding. Roopa (Kamalinee Mukherjee) is orphaned as a child when an automobile accident kills her entire family. The man responsible for this accident becomes mentally imbalanced and is looking for ways to amend his mistake. As Fate would have it, his son Anand (Raja) happens to fall in love with Roopa in the most unusual of circumstances.


The boy Roopa is  about to marry (Anuj Gurwara) is a fence sitter who cannot make up his mind what he wants,  when his domineering Marwari mother  insists that she will not allow Roopa to wear her mother’s sari in the wedding . Roopa pleads on sentiment but to no avail. The climax comes when the would be mother in law admits that she agreed for the wedding only because the girl her son  loves is an orphan.. All this is revealed only in the marriage mandap, so Roopa in a fit of pride and fury decides the wedding is off much to the chagrin of her fiancé’.


Anand who happens to witness this drama falls for Roopa and decides to woo her. How the two come closer and resolve the various differences form the rest of the story. The film deals with just that and like the fairy tale ending ‘they live happily ever after”


The dialogues are funny and the down to earth humor at times is delightful. Music is pleasing and lovely and sets a definite lilting mood to the film. The setting of the homes with cottage like ambience lends an air of simplicity and bliss. Satya, Roopa’s best friend is charming and engaging. The film has some creative touches especially when the students learning Carnatic music are distracted by the goings on of the family at the porch.


 Recommended for it simplicity and honest effort although a few editorial cuts would have made it slick. And lastly there is plenty of rain in the film and as it pours, you can’t but help smell the fresh aroma of coffee




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