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VPS Holi Event Review

Rajiv Ramarathnam

On Saturday, the 9th of April, The Vrindavana Preservation Society (VPS) celebrated a colossal Holi festival. Attended by about 200, the event featured a panorama of events, including Bhajans, traditional BharatNatyam, Garba dance, a children’s play and traditional Holi color smearing.

As with all other VPS programs, the show commenced with Bhajans from Dennis Kelley, Viryavan Dasa, Suraj Mahadeo and Geeta Sharma. Sanjeev Sharma and Nick Cavallo were the dynamic MCs of the event.


The Bhajans was followed by a BharatNatyam performance from special guest performers, The Triveni School of Dance. Girls dressed in colorful traditional dresses and bedecked with fine jeweler performed graceful, dexterous moves to the music.


Nick Cavallo then gave a presentation on VPS relief efforts for the Tsunami that struck South Asia last year. In addition to organizing Bhajans in the New England area, a few members of VPS visited villages near Chennai and helped their residents. In one particular village Oyyali kuppam the members of VPS organized a meeting to discuss the extent of the devastation, organized a Kabbadi match to boost morale, helped the residents organize a spectacular drama, provided two vegetarian feasts and distributed clothing to the residents. By working hand in Hand with the Hope Foundation, VPS is committed to taking on the responsibility of restoring the village, by aiding in rebuilding its schools and providing the village residents with medical supplies.


This event was followed by a Garba or traditional stick dance by the women of the Vasinava Academy, a subsidiary of VPS. Thanks to the excellent choreography by Jyothi Setty and Reshma Pahwa, and a lot of practice from the participants, this event was one of the big highlights of the evening. It was deservedly well received by the audience.


Then came the equally spectacular play, ‘Krishna-Sudama’ performed by the children of the Vaisanava Academy. This play is a celebration of the ‘Divine Friendship’ between Lord Krishna and his friend, Sudama. Krishna and Sudama are childhood friends receiving an education at their gurus’ ashram. Krishna is a prince while Sudama comes from a family of modest means. As they grow older, they grow out of touch, but Sudama remains devoted to Krishna. Sudama’s wife persuades him to go to Krishna and ask for alms. As Sudama meets Krishna, he is so happy with the reunion that he forgets to ask Krishna for anything. He makes the trip home, fearing the wrath of his wife. When he does reach his street, he finds his abode transformed from a hut to a palace. His wife is dressed in the splendorous of garments. Both Sudama and his wife are dumbstruck in awe and pray to the Lord in gratitude.


This play showcased great talents from the child actors Kanika Rajiv, Preeti Sharma, Uma Sharma, Ritika and Renuka Rajiv, Sridhar Singh, Nikhil Singh, Neel Singh, Kruti Nathan, Sankya Gadipalli and featured Havisha Gadipalli as the narrator. As the play ended, the cast led the audience into the school auditorium where the celebration continued with traditional smearing of Holi colors. The event ended with a sumptuous meal from VPS’s own Sachi Matha’s Kitchen. It was indeed a memorable evening for everyone present.


VPS has planned several great events for the rest of the year. Most notable are a Yogathon for the 21st of May and its 3rd annual Cricket tournament in June-July. Please visit www.vps-international.org for updates.








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