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Perfect Husband Thrills Boston

Anil Saigal

Poonam Dhillon and her troupe kept the crowd of more than 450 people, (more women than men), glued to their seas with the comedy play 'Perfect Husband' on April 14th at the Andover High School.

The play revolved around urban high profile socialite couple Amar and Mallika. Much in love, married couples go through upheavals of their fast track high profile life. Amar, is a globetrotter, enterprising entrepreneur, with an action packed work schedule, which keeps him away from home and his wife Mallika. Mallika on the other hand, is full of life and has many expectations from her marriage. She waits endlessly for moments when she can spend time with Amar.

Their life goes on until Amar has to go abroad for a long business trip. It is when Mallika is alone that she comes across an advertisement in the newspaper, which says "a guaranteed supply of the perfect husband". In her search for the perfect husband, Mallika goes ahead and places an order for the perfect husband. The package arrives on schedule and life takes a turn about. The robot does whatever she wants it to do, tells Mallika every time how much he loves her and finally it gets to her.

Every couple could relate well to the theme and the dialogues such as "Perfect Husband chahiye but mayene kabhi nahin dekha hai," or" Perfect Husband bhi time pe ghar nahin atta hai".  It ends in a typical way with  Mallika saying, “Pyar ek tusare ko samajh ne may hai.”

Lokvani had a chance to talk to Poonam Dhillon.

Lokvani: Why did you agree to act in this play?
PD:    I wanted to be part of the light hearted play. I had offers to act in four different plays. I saw this as a play that will appeal to people of all ages, and in different stages of their life. It is a type of play that people wouldn’t mind seeing once than once.

Lokvani:  To what do you attribute the success of the play?
PD:    I think it is the team. It is a great team and it is pleasure to work with each one of them.

Lokvani: How do you find the response to this tour?
PD:    The response has been much better than expected. People are the fuel for the artists and they responded well. I was pleasantly surprized to see that the people here kept up with local Indian jokes and events even though a number of them have lived in the US for years. I hope to be back in the near future.

Lokvani: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
PD: Thanks.

Thanks to Shailesh Baid, Kamar Hamrani of Savy Media and Bollywood Grill Indian Restaurant for bringing the 16th and last show of their US tour to Boston.

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