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Solutions For Development Of Health Care In India

Anoop Kumar


Dr. Dinesh Patel, Chief of Arthroscopic Surgery, MGH
Ardashir Dubash, Director,  Healthcare Group, Credit Suisse First Boston, London
Lisette Memod-Cox, CEO and Managing Director, BDKT Lifescience Facilities, UK
Dr. Alok Roy, VP Operations, Fortis Healthcare Limited and COO, Fortis Hospital, Noida Fortis Healthcare, India
Dr. Bernard Salickm, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Salick Cardiovascular Centers LLC
Ranu Vohra, Managing Director, Avendus Advisors India.
Moderator : V. Kasturi Rangan, Professor, Harvard Business School

At the SABA Conference a few weeks ago, the panel focused on opportunities in the healthcare sector in India. They looked at the healthcare issues from the viewpoint of exerts in the payor, provider and public policy side. The panelists discussed and debated on what can be done to improve the healthcare system in India.

The government of India spends 0.9% of GDP on healthcare while 6.6% of GDP is spent in US. Only 2.2 million out of 1.2 billion Indians have private health insurance. The panel provided various models including Micro-health Insurance schemes, latest medical technologies and business models that can work in India.

Dr. Alok Roy talked about a Micro Health Insurance scheme, where the insurer pays Rs.60 and the government adds Rs.30. The insurer gets free medical consultation, free surgery and in patient medical treatment at half price. The scheme has been successfully implemented in the state of Karnataka and he plans to extend it to other states.

Dr. Dinesh Patel emphasized on the role physicians can play by partnering with business people and entrepreneurs  in development of health care in India. “Physicians protect the welfare, health, safety while providing the needs of young and elderly by maintaining costs, access and quality. Business people provide efficiency, disciplines and modern technology. Entrepreneurs take the idea and develop it into a viable enterprise”, said Patel. He gave the example of ALTSO (www.altso.org) which is based on similar model.

Ardashir Dubash and Ranu Roy discussed the recent trends in investment in India and business opportunities in Health Care.  The key opportunity areas include Clinical Research Companies (Market Capital of 80 million), Medical Device Companies(Market capital of 1250 million) and Pathology services.


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