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Bollywood Baatein - Quiz

Chitra Parayath

Let's see how well you know your Bollywood?
Don't cheat, guys...give yourself one minute for each question and email us at chitra@lokvani.com with the answers.
Get all the answers right in Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 and we'll sponsor your trip to Hawaii! You know we're kidding, right?
We'll do the next best thing and mention your name on lokvani.com? How does that grab you?
Good luck!

1. Asha Bhonsale’s famous song ‘Pardey mein rehney do’ is from which 50’s film

a. Shikar

2.What does the film title ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” mean?

a.I have already given my heart away
b.Why did you steal my heart
c.You have stolen my heart
d.Did you give your heart away

3.Which of the following statements about Bollywood is untrue?
a.There are more Bollywood films made than Hollywood films every year
 b.The Bollywood Hall of Fame is in Kochi, Kerala +
 c.Boney Kapoor and Karishma Kappor are related to each other
d. Sharmila Tagore is the mother of Saif Ali Khan

4.Where does the story of Bhagat Singh in ‘23rd March 1931’ unfold?

a. Hydrabad
c. Delhi
d. Karachi

5.Which of the following films is not a Shekhar Kapur film?
a. Bandit Queen
 b.Bombay Boys
c. Elizabeth
d. Mr India

6. Which of these is a Shyam Benegal film?

a. Ardh Satya
b.Suraj Ka Satvan Gora
c.Bhavani Bhavai
d.The Rat Trap

7. Padukone? Whose last name?

a. Adoor Gopalakrishnan
b.Dev Anand
c. Shashilal
d. Guru Dutt

8.Which rigors of nature does the village in the film ‘Agni Vasha’ have to face?

b. Fire
c.Drought +

9.Which of these songs is from the musical Bombay Dreams?     
a.Ramalinga ding dong
b.Mundian to Bach Ke
c.Shakalaka Baby
d. Mast Mast

10. Who is the famous actress of the 60s and 70s who inspired a hair style among thousands of Indian women?

a. Asha Parekh
b. Meena Kumari
c. Sadhana
4. Sharmila Tagore

11. Finally, Who is that lovely lady in Picture no.1?

a. Kimi Saxena
b. Aaarti Gupta
c. Ameena Beebi
d. Aaamir Khan

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