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Investing And Doing Business In India

Press Release

During the week of January 24, 2005, Sullivan & Worcester hosted the first in its series of seminars, "Investing & Doing Business in…..". These first two installments, focusing on Investing & Doing Business in India, were held in conjunction with Access International Partners, a management consulting and business development firm headquartered in Boston, and Luthra & Luthra LLP, one of India's largest law firms.

Despite thirty inches of snow, city closures and limited transportation options, over 100 guests attended these late afternoon seminars held in Boston and New York. The program examined India's potential as a gateway to global business operations and explored the practical and legal issues to consider when seeking to invest or do business in India. The seminar program included presentations from keynote speakers, followed by a panel discussion with Access International and Luthra & Luthra LLP, which was moderated by Sullivan & Worcester's Ameek Ponda.

Brian Keane, the Boston keynote speaker, is CEO of Keane Inc., a provider of IT and business services, which has had substantial investment in India since 2002. Mr. Keane described the decision-making process in selecting India as a means to capitalize on the benefits of offshore facilities. Having chosen to establish a foothold in India via acquisition, Mr. Keane emphasized the importance of soft acquisition criteria, such as similarities in process management, customer service philosophies and core company values, when interviewing potential targets. Mr. Keane's presentation.

Frank Wisner, the New York keynote speaker, was Ambassador to India from July 1994 through July 1997 and currently serves as Vice Chairman for External Affairs at American International Group (AIG), the leading U.S.-based international insurance organization. Mr. Wisner focused his comments on the ongoing political and cultural environment that impacts the reality of doing business in India. He also discussed a number of new government initiatives which aim to encourage the population's entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately give further buoyancy to the economy.

Sarojit Malik and Anil Khurana of Access International discussed the increasing impact of globalization by presenting case studies to illustrate the variety of ways to execute a global strategy in India via investment in the country (Access International presentation). Rajiv K. Luthra of Luthra & Luthra LLP guided attendees through the unique regulatory environment in India, describing the abundant opportunities available to foreign businesses as well as how to negotiate the quirks of the Indian system.

Both seminars were followed by lively question and answer sessions. Panelists are available to answer further queries. For information, please contact Ameek Ponda at aponda@sandw.com or 617.338.2443.

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