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Know The Benefits Of Bananas

Madhumati Tyagi and Sunil Kumar D.

Know The Benefits Of Bananas
by Madhumati Tyagi and Sunil Kumar D.

In the summer, you feel parched and sometimes, no matter how much water you drink, your body still feels thirsty because water lacks the electrolytes your body needs to rehydrate.  Without electrolytes, your kidneys also cannot hold onto your water instead your body fluid is quickly lost in your urine. Therefore, the best remedy for dehydration is a maintaining balance of electrolytes and water. Banana is a natural instant energy booster. Banana is a rich source of potassium and magnesium and the whole Banana plant (flowers, ripe, unripe fruits, leaves, and stems) has medicinal value.

Among all the fruits, fresh and ripe bananas are the earth's pure nectar that will keep you cool & replenish fluids. Bananas not only refresh and energize your entire body but also act as the ideal delight on hot summer afternoons and restore electrolytes. Their natural sugars will restore your energy levels and take away the feelings of sluggishness. Banana not only helps boost energy which improves stamina as well as sexual health. 

How do bananas feed our muscles?

Muscles depend on electrolytes for contraction as well as relaxation. Electrolytes, especially sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, help your muscles function at optimal levels When you feel tight cramps in the back of your legs that are in fact common signs of low potassium, electrolytes, and hydration levels. If your muscles are weak, tired or fatigued, consider muscle-nourishing foods that restore your electrolytes like banana since they are rich in potassium, plus their nourishing natural sugars fuel the strength your muscles need to help you work and play. So eat a ripe banana, or drink a glass full of cool smoothie sitting on a beach chair, and enjoy!


Bananas contain high amounts of potassium, which is an important mineral that helps control blood pressure. It also help the body function properly, transporting nutrients into cells and helping nerves and muscles work together.


How do bananas calm our tummy?

Bananas have long been recommended for soothing intestinal irritation because of their creamy, moist, sticky and soft texture. Summer heat depletes protective mucus in the GI and overstimulates bile production in the liver, and irritates your intestines. Soothe your discomfort and pacify excess by eating a slimy banana. Bananas help to stimulate mucous production in your gut, which has an anti-acid and soothing effect on your stomach.

Bananas are heavier and harder to digest than most other ripe fruits. So, spice them up with lime, ginger and/or cardamom (natural digestive aids) so that they become lighter and easier to digest.


How do bananas make us bodylicious?

Banana beauty benefits are varied and are considered one of nature's natural moisturizers. They in fact impart luster on skin and hair whether eaten as a culinary delight, or used directly on your body you will experience soft, smooth and glowing skin. Banana peels have been used topically to help with liver spots, hemorrhoids, and itching as they are anti-bacterial. According to Ayurveda, applying Banana paste on the skin is beneficial for managing skin problems like dry skin, acne and wrinkles due to its strong healing property. Bananas also helps nourish hair and promote hair growth.


How do bananas elevate our mood?
Bananas are profound mood elevators and are major sources of the two brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine helps to protect against some types of neuro-degeneration, such as Parkinson’s disease. 


How do bananas protect our cells?

Bananas are a source of the protective compounds kaempferol and quercetin that are known to protect cells, reduce inflammation, fight numerous types of tumors, protect nerves, enhance blood circulation, and enhance immunity against a number of other diseases.


How do bananas maintain blood vessels?

Bananas also contain high amounts of rutin, a substance that enhances the activity of vitamin C, and helps to maintain strong and flexible blood vessels. Rutin also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


What are the differences between unripe and unripe bananas?

Unripe bananas will have a green hue, especially at the stem. Unripe bananas are highly astringent and cooling, helping to bind up stool and prevent diarrhea. Overripe bananas taste sour, perhaps even pungent, and are often soft or brown due to fermentation and alcohol content. Overripe bananas are Pitta provoking, causing looser stools. Perfectly ripe bananas are speckled. They taste smooth, sweet and mucilaginous.

Note: 1) Ayurveda recommends not taking any liquids for an hour after eating a banana.

2) Not to take bananas with milk/yoghurt.

3) Not to take bananas if suffering from fever, edema, vomiting or cough with mucus and runny nose.

4) Avoid putting bananas in the refrigerator, which will turn them brown. You can peel them and place them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Then use them in your favorite smoothies.

5) Eating Banana on an empty stomach should be avoided. It is generally advised to take it after a light meal.

6) Unripe bananas are astringent and cool in nature. They increase vata and decrease pitta and kapha. Ripe bananas are sweet and heating. They decrease vata and increase pitta and kapha. S, use them as per your body type.

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