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What It Means To Be A ‘Desi’ Red Sox Fan

Geetha Nair

Maya, what will you say to Miss Joanna today, Iasked my 3-year-old pre-schooler today. I get a reply – “Go Red Sox”.My husband instead of teaching her ‘ABC’ is teaching her to say ‘Manny Ramirez’, ‘David Ortiz’, ‘Johnny Damon’ and so on. You must be wondering who the heck these people are, and have we gone crazy? In away, YES. It is hard not to be infected by the Red Sox bug when you are living in Boston.

Growing up in India, I have been fed with an overdose of cricket. I emember the pain and anguish I felt every time we lost to Pakistan.So, after coming to Boston shouldn’t I be relieved that I don’t have togo through that torture again?

No,it is not that easy. Now I go thru the same emotions while watching theBoston Red Sox losing to the hated ‘Yankees’. I have heard all about the ‘hated curse’. I know who Babe Ruth is now!!

I still remember my first baseball game when my friend Susan and her family took me to a local baseball game. I was constantly comparing it with cricket and felt disappointed and could not figure what the whole hoopla was about. Susan’s brother Mike had all faith in me that one day I would embrace this strange game (as I called it) the same way. I took to cricket and become a red sox fan. And oh boy, was he right!

I have been burning the midnight lamp trying to watch the Red Sox gameswhile keeping my fingers crossed for this star-crossed team and passionately arguing about it with my colleagues the next day.

Mike, your wish has come true. So, here I go again as I turn to my daughter- Maya, what do you say to Miss Joanna today? My  three yr old calmly replies back - ‘Go Red Sox’ and ‘Reverse the curse’.

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