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Kay Pee Jewelers - Where All That Glitters Is Gold!

Chitra Parayath

KayPee jewelers stand for traditional and cultural values, fine craftsmanship, exclusive designs and excellent quality materials.The name itself inspires trust, confidence and self-esteem among their happy customers.

Come Diwali, the store has a dazzling display of the finest of patterns anddesigns in 22 ct Gold and Diamond. Exquisite necklaces,bangles, rings and earrings beckon to all.

Ramesh Parwani who runs the business with his brother Raj attributes their success to their emphasis on the quality of their products and their customer service.

"We have thebest prices and we have the best store policies. When you shop at KayPee jewelers you know that you are getting your money's worth. ForDiwali, we have a very beautiful selection of Gold and Diamond jewelry that will make any owner proud."

When Ramesh and Raj opened the store in 1990, there were few choices for people in New England to buy quality Indian 22 ct gold Jewelry. Having been in the business of selling Diamonds wholesale from 1987 to 1990, opening the store was a logical step for the enterprising Parwanis.

Now, Kay Pee Jewelers in often the first name that comes up when one wants to shop for traditional Indian jewelry in the area.
One does not have to travel to New York or New Jersey to pick out the latest fashions in Indian designs.

Both Beena and Alka Parwani wives of Ramesh and Raj respectively are usually at hand in the store to attend to customers and answer their questions.When we walked into the store, we were surprised to see an American bride-to-be looking for Indian jewelry. " These designs are just so unique, "she purred as she tried on a beautiful chunky gold necklace and matching earrings!
"We do have some American customers,” said Ramesh," People sometimes bring in their friends tos hop. Our store policies are definitely the best. We have a great return policy, even with gifts, just bring it in within two weeks of purchase for an exchange. We also offer free repairs for up to six months after the purchase.This combined with our high quality standards in what attracts our customers."

"Whether you visit our store in Burlington or at Natick, you'll definitely find something to suit your taste. Our's is a family business. At the Natick store we have our nephews Prakash Parwani and Amit Parwani to assist the customers." He added.

KayPee Jewelers is located at 5, Wilmington Road, Burlington, MA 01803
Tel(781)-229-9170,     (781)-229-4876 and at 51,WestCentral Street, Natick, MA 01760 Tel(508)-647-9254,    (508)-647-9256. They are openTue-Fri 11:30 – 7.30, Saturday 10.30-7.30, Sunday 12 - 6

You may visit their website www.kaypeejewelers.com for the store hours and for directions to both locations.

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