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Recipe: Instant Ginger Green Chili Pickle

Madhumati Tyagi

Ginger green chili pickle is a great addition to your meals. This pickle needs just four ingredients, ginger, green chili, lemon juice and salt, all of which are readily available in most homes. It is a quick and easy instant ginger green chili pickle.




·      6-8 long green chilies/ 1 cup cut green chilies

·      Few pieces of ginger peeled/1 cup of cut ginger

·      1-2 lemons juice

·      1 teaspoon salt or as per your taste



 Wash the ginger and green chilies and allow to air dry or leave them overnight on a kitchen towel.

·      Using gloves cut the green chilies in half and remove all the seeds. Cut them further into strips (thin/thick) as desired.

·      Similarly cut the ginger pieces in juliennes or as desired.

·      Next, add these to a clean and dry jar and to it add salt. Give it a quick shake/mix well.

·      Squeeze in the lemon juice sufficient to cover/soak all the pieces. Give it one final mix after putting salt.

·      This pickle can stay fresh for days at room temperature but I prefer to keep it refrigerated to increase its longevity.


  • Deseed the green chilies to make the pickle less spicy but you could leave the chilies whole if you prefer a hot/spicy pickle.
  • Make sure to use gloves while handling green chilies since they could leave a burning sensation if gloves are not used.
  • Make sure jar, green chilies and ginger pieces are completely dry. Otherwise, the pickle may get spoiled.
  • Always use a clean dry spoon while serving this pickle. 
  • Exact measurements are not needed for this pickle. You could add more green chilies or more ginger or equal quantity depending on your preference. Also, adjust the salt and lemon juice to your preference. 
  • If you do not like heat from green chili you can totally make this using just ginger. 

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