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Poem: The Beautiful Spring


The Beautiful Spring


There is no time like spring and

Nothing is so beautiful as spring

Text Box:  When life is alive in everything 

Before birds sing and butterflies flutter

Also new nestlings start flying

When the flora shoot long and lush

Then fauna feels lively and lovely

Tree have glassy leaves and blooms

Pleasant spring days are so perfect for outings
So uplifted by warm intermittent breezes

I throw open all the windows in the house  

And watch the garden bursting with flowers

Along the cool brick and gravel paths

The birds around hop and play with joy

Everything seems so etched in sunlight


There is no life like spring-life

Body feels relaxed and mind gets excited

In that sweet mood when pleasant gentle wind
Brings out joyous thoughts to the mind

Human soul realizes the cosmic blessings

And nature’s link to her fair and lovely works

Every living cell enjoys the air it breathes

And the budding twigs swing in the breezy air

Dance like peacocks spreading out their fans

On the bluff under the descending blue sky

Lambs are racing with their fair fling

Jungles are applauding with emerald trees

And the flame-filled bushes everywhere

Looks like heaven has sent a holy plan

Filled with a spirit of youth in everything




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