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KHMC Spotlight Series Features Anubhava School Of Music

Jeyanthi Ghatraju

KHMC ( Karnatic Hindustani Music Circle) has initiated a Spotlight series with the goal of bringing the music community together, to learn about and appreciate different bani or styles. The first concert featured Anubhava School of music, founded by Sangeetha Acharya, Smt. Tara Anand, based in Framingham, MA. It was held on Sunday, June 2, 2024 at the St. Matthews United Methodist church in Acton, MA. 


Smt. Tara has been teaching Carnatic vocal music and violin for well over 3 decades  and her students have consistently won awards and prizes in national level Carnatic music competitions, notably the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana. As an award-winning teacher herself, Tara's infectious love of music and the individual personal care and attention each student receives under her tutelage shines through in the student presentations. 


Anubhava school is blessed with an army of parent volunteers who sprung into action that day, setting up the stage, audio, video and the hall for a seamless flow of blissful Carnatic music during the concert. It was such a collaborative effort and it was touching to watch the young children display so much of discipline - right from assembling before their turn, to enthusiastically listening to all the performances that ran over 4 hours. The attached flyer details the names of all the performers. 


The concert commenced with a welcome note by Smt. Jeyanthi Ghatraju, Treasurer of KHMC, who emphasized the importance of listening in the learning process. Smt. Tara introduced the junior and the sub-senior segment, amazingly remembering every student by their full name along with the accompanying artists. The students certainly made her proud with clean rendition of their chosen songs and set a fabulous ambiance for the senior concert.

The senior concert of about 2.5 hours was performed by long time disciples of Tara at Anubhava - Sudarshan Thirumalai and Yash Ravish on the vocal, Tarun Bangalore on the mridangam and Sadhana Venkatesh on the violin. 

KHMC's president, Sri Mali Santhanakrishnan introduced the artists. They started their segment with a vibrant Charukesi varnam, followed by thanadham thagadhaiyya in Mohana Kalyani. The next numbers included Annapoorne (Sama), thanadham Thagadayya (Mohana Kalyani),

Varanarada (Vijayashri), Vaananai (Keeravani), Amba Paradevathe (Rudrapriya). 


The brilliantly woven RTP in Shanmukhapriya was a fine testament/signature to the depth and understanding that these young artists had imbibed over the years, combined with their own individual and methodical approach to present their thoughts. The chemistry between the artists and their open appreciation for each other's talent and technique was unique and infectious! 

After Kaliyuga Varadan in Brindavani and Adi Nee Pai in Yaman Kalyani, the senior concert concluded with a short Thillana in Behag, followed by Mangalam in Sowrashtram. The entire orchestration was carefully planned and executed flawlessly that time flew by, keeping the audience spell-bound. 


Smt. Smitha Krishnan, from the KHMC committee, who was also the mastermind behind starting the series, presented the vote of thanks drawing the mellifluous musical evening to an auspicious close. She emphasized the importance of the community spirit in an artist's growth and welcomed all artists to support KHMC's efforts in fostering the spirit in the coming years.


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