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Vivekananda Family Camp Is In Dublin, NH

Brij Garg

Vivekananda Family Camp is in Dublin, NH from Aug 11-17, 2024

What is a dream vacation?  It depends on who you ask.  For a child, it would be playing all day.  For a teen-ager, it might be to go for a sleepover at friends' house, the more the merrier.  For parents, it may be to get prepared meals and spend time with peers. For grandparents, it might be to watch the children running around, having a good time in a safe atmosphere. 

You can get all of the above at the week long residential Vivekananda Family Camp which has been run for 44 years.  It is on a large lake.  Boating, canoeing and swimming are done under the watchful eyes of trained life guards.  You can witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the water every day.  There are age-wise activities all day for everyone. Check out https://youtu.be/qh1B-5UXBWg and register at the camp website:

This "luxury" camp has sturdy cabins with electricity, bathrooms with flush toilets and running water and wooden beds with mattresses.  There are separate cabins according to age and gender.  Each person gets to spend time with their peers which adds to the comradery of the unique experience while the family is nearby.  Cabins with youths has two counselors of the same gender.  One licensed doctor is always in attendance at the camp. 

Activities include: Games, crafts, cultural education about Hindu Dharma, aarti, yoga, campfire, hiking, evening cultural programs put up by the campers and adults and waterfront activities.  Food is served five times a day and participants do not have to clean the dishes.

The camp is run in large part by young adults in their twenties who themselves attended camp in the past and have the energy to keep up with the toughest demands of running a camp of 140 individuals.  They are a great role models for the attendees. Some of the old timers still do attend the camp because they love the experience.  The camp has forged life long friendships among many of the past camp attendees.  Be sure to take a look at the 1 minute video about "Friendships and lifelong bonds" under our videos section. All agree that the camp helped them develop a healthy lifestyle.

The cost for attending the camp is around $500 per person (give or take, depending on how early one registers).  This is a bargain compared to similar camps which cost from $2200 to $3000 per week without the benefit of a large family experience.

Ready to join the camp?   You can find registration form and detailed information at https://vhpafamilycamp.com.  The Contact Us tab lists many folks who have attended the camp and can share their personal impressions.  But sign up early because registering early will cost less and the camp is limited to first 140 participants.



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