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2004 Leadership Summit: Unleashing Our Potential

Sangita Joshi

Indus Women Leaders (IWL) is hosting a conference 2004 Leadership Summit: Unleashing Our Potential at the Double Tree Hotel in Boston, MA on October 23, 2004.

This year’s conference is experiential and interactive as it focuses on personal growth, relationship building, and community building. The workshops include: The Power of Influence: Be the change you want to see, The Balancing Act and Being True to Ourselves and The Undiscovered Diamond Mine: South Asian Women Leaders. The workshops are followed by an Artist Reception - Harmony of Hues featuring South Asian women artists and their Paintings, Photography, Small Sculpture, Textile Crafts, and performance of Dance, Instrumental Music, Drama Recitation and Vocal Comedy.

Session I: The Power of Influence
The speaker will discuss change leadership and how to inspire and motivate others to become engaged. This will be followed by Q&A in the direction of what makes us come alive; inspirational journeys-everyday heroes to service leaders around the globe. This session will be followed by a small group discussion in each breakout room; Participants will share journals and have discussions about the impact of speakers and application to our lives with the topic being how to be the change you want to see and where are you on the change continuum.

Session II: The Balancing Act
The speaker will explore with the participants how they can meet daily goals and balance competing responsibilities while remaining aligned to their true-selves. The session will be followed by Q&A in the direction of what are our true-selves; how can we align ourselves to achieve personal congruency in life and work. This session will be followed by a small group discussions focusing on Being True to ourselves, and Finding the Right Balance.

Session III: The Undiscovered Diamond Mine
The participants will renew leadership capability and feel the support of the IWL network. They will also gain tools to set goals while envisioning a legacy. How do you leverage network/mentors to achieve goals? This session will be followed by a small group discussions focusing on rediscovering our Passion & Dreaming Big; Goal setting and identifying the obstacles to achieving these goals.


This year’s participants include:


Rena Golden (Senior Vice President of CNN International)

Dr. Margaret Abraham (Professor of Sociology, Hofstra University, New York)

Lubna Khalid (Founderand President of Real Cosmetics)

Beena Kamlani (Editor at Viking Penguin and Professor of Publishing, New York University)

Dr. Mangalam Srinivasan (Former Scientific Advisor to PM Indira Gandhi)

Roopa Unnikrishnan (Management consultant for Katzenbach Partners LLC)

Alka Gupta (VP Corporate Strategy and Development at Lycos Inc.) amongst others.


This year’s attendees include amongst others: Sakhi, Sun Microsystems, World Bank, Lycos, CNN, HBS, Chugh Firm, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Intel Corporation, Law School Consortium Project, New York University, GE, Honeywell, Akamai, The Corporate Board, Siemens, Teradyne, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, writers, physicians, and more!!!


Some of our Sponsors: Sun Microsystems, Procter & Gamble, and Prudential Financial.


Indus Women Leaders (IWL) is a national non-profit organization that develops South Asian women leaders by providing them with the resources to achieve their life goals.


I will inspire. I will empower. I will achieve. I will. IWL.


Indus Women Leaders
Leaders inspired. Networks empowered. Excellence achieved.


Graduate Students, non–profits and artists can register at the price of $90.00 for a limited time. Boston IWL members would be happy to host out-of-town conference attendees on a space available basis. Please email us at iwlconference@yahoo.com


To register click on: https://www.123signup.com/event?id=kbxn


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