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Shree Lalita Rudra Trishati Initiation Shivir

Hemant Shah

Shree Lalita Rudra Trishati Initiation Shivir 

Graced by Subtle Presence of Shivyog Master Ishan Shivanand 

At Shivalaya Temple407R Mystic Ave, Medford, MA 02155

June 8th, 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM


Lalita Rudra Trishati (LRT) is a combination of Lalita Trishati and Rudra Trishati. The male energy of Shiva and the female energy of Shakti together constitute Ardhanareshwar.

Chanting the Shree Lalita Rudra Trishati brings immense grace of Maa Lalita Tripursundari and Paratpar Shiva accelerating spiritual progress, clearing karmic blockages for goal manifestation resulting in good health, happiness, success and prosperity. 

Dr. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji in 2012 had made Shri Durga saptashati, 700 celestial Beej Mantra sadhna, available for all to uplift every individual's consciousness. By the grace, compassion and sankalpa of Pramaoojya Babaji, the sacred "Shivyog Sanatana Sri Lalita Rudra Trishati" is now being made available to all. Sri Lalita Rudra Trishati Deeksha is formulated in to Five levels for the purpose of sadhna, this Deeksha is for the first level sadhna.

Lalita Trishati is an auspicious Sanskrit hymns (strotras) with 300 most powerful divine names of Mother Lalita Tripurshundari. It is an extension of 15 seed letter Panchadashi mantra, each seed letter is repeated 20 times with 20 secret names of Lalita devi. Rudra Trishati an auspicious and most powerful Sanskrit veda mantra out of Sri Rudra Namankam.

Lalita Rudra Trishati combines Lalita Trishati with Rudra Trishati to create the most powerful 300 mantras that accelerates spiritual progress, clears karmic blockages and enables sadhaks to manifest their lives as they wish.

The event is open for ALL.

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