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Ganesha Sahasra Kalasabhishekam

Ranjani Saigal

The Sri Lakshmi temple in Ashland, MA hosted a grand 1008 Kalashabhishekam for Ganesha and also inaugurated the Mooshika Vahana for Ganesha on May 3rd, 4th and 5th. Sponsors got to take home one of the auspicious Kalashams used to pray to Ganesha. 

“This was a very special event for the temple,” said Ganesh Krishnan, who is the President of the temple. It was indeed a rare sight to see a grand Homa Kundam that is 5 ft in diameter used to do the Homam for Ganesha.  

The event began with Poorvanga Pooja on Friday morning. In the evening the 1st Kala Pooka, Moola Mantra Homam and Atharvashirsha Homam were conducted. On Saturday the 2nd and 3rd Kala Puja was held. On Sunday the 4th Kala Pooja and Homam was followed by the 1008 Kalasa Pooja and Abhishekam. In the afternoon the Mooshika Vahana, the vehicle of Ganesha was inaugurated and a procession was held for Ganesha. Mahaprasadam was offered on all the days. 

It is not often that one gets to experience such an authentic Homam done as per the Agama Shastras in the USA. It was a great spiritual experience. You can support the temple and receive a blessed Kalasham for the next two weeks. Please check out tinyurl.com/SLTsponsor.

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