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SAPNE: Tears

Press Release

We initiated India Poetry Reading in 1997 as an ethnic voice in the community.  The effort morphed into South Asian Poets of New England SAPNE in 2008.


India Poetry Reading is hosted by Harvard University and we are meeting on Zoom on Sunday May 19, 10 AM.  Through this note let me invite all thought leaders and writers to participate in our meeting.  The selected topic is "Tears"   अश्रु .

Tears are our most natural reaction to any emotion that affects us.  We have tears of grief. and tears of joy.  We tear in fear and we tear in excitement. 

Our mission is to promote language expression and you can read your poem in any language. We will give space if you wish to recite special poems from literature that you think  others should listen to.  Writing is the sharing of ideas and good writing is universal in its sentiment and its expression.  Please encourage young people and children to write. Please let us know by May 10. 

South Asian Poets of New England

28th India Poetry Reading

May 19, 2024, 10 AM via Zoom


Topic – Tears अश्रु .


Participating Poets


Manorama Chaudhury

Arundhati Sarkhel

Sajed Kamal

Prem Nagar

Amandeep Singh

Rahul Ray

Neena Wahi

Shakuntala Gupta, India

Geetha Patil

Harohalli Vijayakumar

Debilal Mishra, India

Gouri Datta

Maneesh Srivastava

Preetpal Singh

Prafulla K. Mishra, India ...

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