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First-of-its-kind Ram Lalla Music Concert In The USA

Press Release

On May 18th, 2024, Hindus of Northern California are celebrating Shri Ram Lalla’s (Baby Shree Rama’s) homecoming with the largest Music concert for Shri Rama. The concert, like the VHPA Ram Rath Yatra, the monumental journey of Ram Rath visiting around 850 temples in North America, will bring Akshath and Prasad from January 22nd. Pran Pratishthan (consecration ceremony) held in Ayodhya.

This will be a first-of-its-kind music concert on the Shri Ram theme. The chants of Hanuman Chalisa and Ram ji songs will reverberate through the Bay Area.   World-renowned religious troupe ‘Kirtaniyas',  will add a divine touch to the celebrations. The echoes of Shri Ram's glory will resonate, filling the audience’s soul with peace, love, and reverence. 

Deepti Mahajan, the coordinator of VHPA in the SF Bay Area, member of the National Governing Council, and co-convener of HinduPACT, expressed, “This enchanting evening of musical devotion to our beloved Shri Rama is a unique opportunity for all Hindus of North California to come together, celebrate, and partake in a truly transcendental experience. This 'RELIGIOUS MUSIC CONCERT' is not just a musical event, but a small step towards fostering unity and celebrating the spirit of Ram Janma Bhumi within the Bay area Hindu community.” 

The organizers, Deepti Mahajan, Daipayan Deb, Bimal Bhagwat, Deepak Bajaj, Param Desai and Rohit Sharma- are thrilled to bring this event to California, aiming to further strengthen the Hindu community. This same group had orchestrated the bay area car rally on January 22nd, a resounding success that drew over 2000 Hindus and 1000 cars. Many dedicated volunteers like Raj Nanduri, Atul Shah, Chinmayi Vyas, Pankaj Kushwaha, Rupal Asodaria, Sangeetha Shankar, Mukul Sinvhal, Adhiraj Lahiri, Himanshu Sharma and Srinivasan Venkataraman are also working tirelessly to ensure the event is a memorable and successful one.

To learn more about the event and to get tickets, please go to:


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