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Sri Lakshmi Temple GBM And Elections

Press Release

The Sri Lakshmi Temple in Ashland held the elections for four open spots in the Board of Trustees.The results were announced at the general body meeting held on April 28, 2024 at the temple. Raman Vellaiappan, Anil Saigal, Rama Bhaskar Nouduri and Pradeep Nair were elected to the board. The current board gave an update of all the activities.

After opening prayers by the priests, Chairman Geeta Ranga, President Ganesh Krishnan, Secretary Kumar Nochur and other members of special committees gave their reports.  The temple now has 7 priests and several new poojas including the Ganesha Digvijayam, Dhanvantari Homam, Shani Pradosham etc which were very well attended. Welcoming Ram Lalla and getting the Akshat from the temple was a big blessing.The temple worked to outreach to other non-traditional temple groups and organize events. Dandiya night for example was a huge success. Many of the attendees had never come to the temple before. Cleaning and maintenance of sacred spaces was an important priority. New initiatives at the temple included the opening of a library and the space to do Pravana Shraddham. WhatsApp groups were started to improve communications. 

A lot of work had been undertaken to ensure financial stability and smoothening of processes. The financial committee presented details of the investment. In addition to the Pujas, Hundi collection and Archanas, the cafeteria was also a significant source of revenue for the temple. There were significant discussions on how to manage the temple funds and the committee promised to pass on the suggestions to the next committee. 

Much has been accomplished and there is significant opportunity for growth as well. We look forward to the new events at the Sri Lakshmi Temple. For more information of the temple go to http://srilakshmi.org

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