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Poem: Lord Ram


Text Box:  Lord Ram, the son of emperor Dasharatha
And who is known as a very great king

Lord Rama, the king of Kosala

Who is the ocean of good qualities

Lord Rama, dark like a rich cloud

Venerated by Vedas and Vedanta
Lord Ram, the Puroshottam among men

Has the fame, which is pure

Lord Rama, a disciple of Viswamithra,
who is known for his matured skills
Lord Rama is liked by the king of Mithila
For a  form of pure humility.

Lord Rama, a devotee of his father

Who left Ayodhya for a promise
Lord Rama, shines with Sita and his brother
And makes the entire world happy.

Lord Rama, courageous and kind
Lived in the forest of Chithrakoota,

Lord Rama, the protector of the cosmos
Served all great sages and slayed demons

Lord Rama, armed with sword and bow
Liked the fruits and roots offered by Shabhari.
Lord Rama with Lakshmana and Sita
Is always served by devotees.

Lord Rama, the giver of salvation

Lived in the forest of Danda karanya,

Lord Rama, the enemy of Asuras

Was greatly devoted to Jatayu, the king of birds


Lord Rama fulfilled desires of King Sugreeva

He wounded and killed the great Bali

Lord Rama who is very brave King

Can easily be attained by Hanuman


Lord Rama, the valorous hero of the clan of Raghu
Built the bridge over the sea

Lord Rama who is brave in battle

Won over the king of Rakshasas, Ravana


Lord Rama presented Lanka to Vibheeshana

And has the entire world as his devotees

Lora Rama, the king of all kings

Crowned along with Sia as king of three worlds

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