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How Much Do You Know About Lord Hanuman?

Geetha Patil

How Much Do You Know About Lord Hanuman?
by Geetha Patil

Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy for all his devotees. He is a very popular deity and is worshipped all over India and across the globe. Hs name Hanuman was not one he got from his parents.                                                                                                          

1. Hanuman is an important character in the

A. Ramayana B. Yogiji C. Yoganada D. Sanskrit 

2. Which god or goddess did he served as avatar?

A. Shiva  B.Ganesha C. Vishnu D. Rhudramadevi

3. Which war did Hanuman participate against the demon king Ravana

A. Rhudra B. Rama C. Shimla D. Shiva 

4. He was also presented as an incarnation of Lord

A. Ganesha B. Shiva C. Ra D. Rama

5. Who is the father of Hanuman?

A. Sashuma B. Vayu C. Telugu D. Vasu 

6. Which element was he trying to eat as a hungry infant?

A. Groso  B. Ramayana C. Sun D.Grova

7. Who strikes Hanuman with thunderbolt?

A. Spear B. Arrow C. Indra D. Sword

8. What does Hanuman Jayanti depict in Hindu holiday?

A. Hanuman death B. Hanuman incarnation C. Hanuman birthday D.Hanuman war

9. hich animal form does Hanuman take when he wants to appear?

A. Lightning  B. Water C. Monkey  D.Striking

10. Which god or goddess did Hanuman angered for his attempt to eat the sun?

A. Rudhra B. Shiva Lingam C. Indra D. Sashuma

Answers: 1.  A. Ramayana, 2. C. Vishnu, 3. B. Rama, 4. B. Shiva, 5. B. Vayu, 6. C. Sun, 7. C. Indra, 8. C. Hanuman birthday, 9. C. Monkey, 10. C. Indra

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