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Bollywood Baatein

Compiled by Anoop Kumar

Ajay Devgn-starerr 'Maidaan' finally hits the big screens. Directed by Amit Sharma the film has been produced by Boney Kapoor. According to reports the film has landed in legal trouble ahead of its release. According to a report in News18, a Karnataka-based wrier has alleged that the film 'Maidaan' is plagiarised from his script on the life of India's former football coach Syed Abdul Rahim. Mysore Court has now put a stay on the release of the film. Anil Kumar, the Karnataka-based writer took to his LinkedIn handle to share his side of the story. "In 2010, I started writing the story and in 2018, I posted a poster about this, and I got in contact with ad director Sukhdas Suryavanshi through my LinkedIn post. He called me to Bombay (Mumbai) and asked me to get the script. I have the whole chat history. He told me that he’d make me meet Aamir Khan, but I couldn’t meet him for certain reasons. I gave him the story and registered the same with the Screen writers Association. Recently, I heard that a movie named Maidaan is getting released. I was surprised because even I have the same story. When I looked at the teaser and their statements, I got to know that it was my story. They have twisted the main story itself and made this movie. I named the story Paadakanduka,” he added. Sukhdas Suryavanshi served as an assistant director of 'Maidaan'. 
Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

After years of saying nothing but saying something, Janhvi Kapoor seemingly confirmed her relationship with Shikhar Pahariya at the screening of her father Boney Kapoor’s film. Sporting an all-white pant-suit, Kapoor donned a  customised necklace inscribed with the word, Shikhu, as the actor  fondly addresses him. This is the first time that Kapoor has made a public reference to her relationship. Shikhar Pahariya is the grandson of former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sushil Kumar Shinde. 
Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

Given her ability to command the toughest of roles in cinema, the part of a love-struck woman may seem all too insignificant for Vidya Balan. The actor, however, begs to differ. An ardent romantic, Balan says, “Everyone loves a dollop of romance. Everyone either yearns to be in a relationship, is in one, or is mourning one. A relationship is fascinating. Especially romantic relationships,” said Balan, who features in Do Aur Do Pyaar, which focuses on a married couple who fall in love again after indulging in an extramarital affair. 
Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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