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Master Class With TM Krishna

Press Release

MITHAS and Learnquest present:

Nithanam, a master class by TM Krishna

Join us for an engaging master class led by TM Krishna


Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 7-10PM
MIT Wong Auditorium


This will be an immersive Master Class delving into the intricate aspects of improvised Carnatic music, focusing specifically on Neraval and Thanam execution. Participants will actively engage in exploring various speeds of executing Neraval and Thanam, with a special emphasis on slower tempos. To ensure personalized attention, the number of participants will be limited, allowing for one-on-one interaction.

Participants are expected to have sufficient training to render Neraval and Thanam proficiently and should come prepared to perform. Participants can apply here. Accepted participants will be notified this weekend.


Beginners and music enthusiasts are also welcome to attend as observers - please purchase a ticket here.

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