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Poem: Lovely Spring Season


Lovely Spring Season

Text Box:  O. spring come and sweep the cold away
Warm the land and renew our spirits
Take away gloomy and melancholic days
As you hold a life giving magic stick

O, spring come with longer and bright days
Bring with you warm shining sunny rays
Yellow daffodils and red tulips
Dance in the breeze with utmost joy 

O, spring come with new beginnings
Nature cheers and blossoms burst
Shoots appear and leaves spurt
Just wonder there is no time like spring

O, spring come with vibrant colors
Bring in a season of lush flowering

With the bloom of every flower
Beautiful butterflies are very much lured

O, spring come with a charming smile
Life is alive in everything and everywhere
You are truly cute, pretty, and lovely
But you are very short yet so sweet

O, spring come with a sweet song
And bring Holi, the festival of spring
Its hallmark is abundance of colors and
Happiness looms everywhere on the earth 

O, spring come with a true spectrum of bliss
As the warmth of spring is nice and pleasant
Amidst birds’ delight and flute’s musical
The feeling is just soothing and divine


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