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Part 9 - Amma’s Daily Rangoli

Geetha Patil

Amma’s Daily Rangoli
by Geetha Patil

I present to you a simple Rangoli design without any dots yet very beautiful and auspicious. This is one of the best Rangoli designs that can be done at any place and on any occasion. This one just needs to draw the lines and use simple lines to join them. This a very simple Rangoli with just lines.

Kamal/Padma (Lotus) is considered to be the most sacred flower and has great religious significance and many symbolic meanings. Its growth through the murky water in the air and light represents the journey of the soul from the mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, to the arrival at enlightenment. It has ability of bestowing life, fertility and wealth that is why it has much importance in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain followers. It symbolizes self-creation; hence Brahma sits on a lotus. The Sahasradala Padma, the thousand-petal lotus signifies the universal life-force and the opening of the consciousness of the divine. Padma is also a significant Yantra or Mandala in the Tantric doctrine, on which all the magical creations are built upon.

The multi-layered petal structure of lotus with one layer opening into the other resembles the Sun who originates brilliant rays from its central core. Its beautiful shape represents the Sun God’s radiating nature. Divakarvrata is performed by drawing twelve-petal lotus with the names of sun written on each petal. This lotus flower is worshipped with Vedic mantras for gaining knowledge and prosperity in life.


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