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VHPA Hindu Heritage Day 2024

Mohan Sonti

VHPA Hindu Heritage Day 2024 

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) is once again bringing the yearly fun filled festivities with Hindu cultural celebrations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This year we are continuing with our third decade of celebrating the Hindu Heritage Day (HHD) on the 4th of May 2024. Please join and enjoy the grand showcasing of our traditions, culture, arts and several millennial old civilization.

Our theme this year is Maryada Purushottam. Shri Ram epitomizes excellence in all aspects of humanity. Shri Rām captures the imagination of an ‘Ideal Man’ (Maryada Purushottam), because he possesses all the 16 kalyana guna (noble qualities) one is supposed to have to be considered ideal. He sets a standard of conduct in all aspects of life that people must strive to attain. Ranging from family relations, leadership, steadfast commitment to promises, humility, respect for all, from powerful including adversaries to the downtrodden, he shows the dharmic way in all aspects.

HHD will have a display of our cultural tradition by bringing in a plethora of Dance, Songs, Music and Drama ensemble to the stage for several hours of entertainment. People can immerse themselves into the ancient traditions of deep cultural and artistic talents presented by various organizations, dance schools and music schools.

This year the HHD brings talent show to the Maryada Purushottam themed festivities in two flavors, viz storytelling and painting exhibition. Both these talent shows are grouped by school grades as Elementary (1-5 grades), Middle (6-8 grades) and High School (9-12 grades). Please register your children at the link below, so they can participate, learn and enjoy showing their skills to our community.

India continues to intrigue the world as the land of spices, This is highlighted by the delicious, diverse and elaborate spicy Indian cuisine. The celebrations are planned to satisfy the palates of all attendees with sumptuous cuisine from authentic Indian kitchens.

Hallmarks of India are it's wisdom, art, jewelry and clothing. Various vendors have registered tables at this HHD festival, waiting to greet you to show their collection that one can purchase at a reasonable price. The vendors bring with them books of Indian wisdom for young and old alike, a stunning variety of jewelry, unique Indian dresses, art works etc. Shopping at the HHD celebrations would be an added fun for the day.

Amongst the many activities , Kite flying stands out. Weather permitting, all those interested in learning and testing their skills at this ancient form of art and sport are encouraged to join the celebrations at the HHD and fly a kite themselves.

This grand yearly HHD celebration organized by VHPA, brings together several thousand members of our community. So please mark your calendars for 4th May 2024, and don't miss out the greatest Indian cultural festivities of the year in Massachusetts!


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To participate in any of the following activities, please find the links on the Facebook Page.

     Cultural Program Participation

     Mela Booth Registration

     Story Telling

     Painting Exhibition

     Ramayan Trivia Contest

Admissions to the mela and cultural programs are FREE.

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