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Women Who Win Makes History: Launching Their First Book Sharing The Unique Journeys Of Indian American Changemakers Of New England And Around The World

Press Release

Women Who Win Makes History : Launching Their First Book Sharing the Unique Journeys of Indian American Changemakers of New England and Around the World

Struggling to find inspiration in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, three women came up with an idea: create a platform designed to bring diverse women together, so they can inspire  and relate with each other.  They named it “Women Who Win", and began inviting women around the globe to share their stories – of business success, personal growth, challenges met, obstacles overcome, and more. Now, in honor of their three year anniversary, they crafted their first-ever book, chronicling a unique selection of their stories, with a mission to uplift and relate to readers with every page. 

As you flip through the pages, you will meet over 100 of these women, with each voice being captivating and each journey thought-provoking in its own way.  No matter where you come from, the book aims to resonate with people from all walks of life, as it includes accounts from entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, community activists, senior executives, young professionals, nonprofit leaders, healthcare providers,  and changemakers of all kinds. 

This book will open people’s eyes to the different opportunities they have ahead of them. Shaleen Sheth states, “What excites me most is that the book includes the paths of women, coming from all different cultures and backgrounds, who are at the top of their field, and it highlights not only their successes but also the obstacles they faced along the way such as a health or family issue, or a career setback. For me personally, as I started figuring out my own professional path, I observed that it is easy for people to pigeon hole themselves and often shortchange themselves when they face a roadblock or during a challenging economy. Seeing what different women pursued and how exactly they did it, from product managers to pilots, NASA scientists to young politicians, it gives you more direction, inspires you to dream bigger and ultimately gives you more faith in your own potential too. I hope other readers feel the same way” 

Dr. Deepa Jhaveri echoes this, writing that “I love that this book encapsulates life - how some aspect of every life’s story is relatable to everyone. I hope the stories plant the seed for people to reach their goals or make any changes they want in their life, whether it's to improve their health, follow their passion, go back to school, change careers or simply give someone else hope. I want our readers to know that each of our stories are personal and yet each one matters!” Some notable stories in the book include Reshma Kewalramani - CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Swaroop Sampat - renowned Actress and Educator, Jaishree Deshpande - Philanthropist, and Ami Ambani - Businesswoman and marathon runner.

Each account featured in this book has the power to uplift you, inspire you, and hopefully educate you and guide you on aspects of your own life. Dr. Manju Sheth notes, “The Women’s health stories have been my favorite for sure . I look forward to our Wednesday Wellness series. As a doctor, I have observed over the years that a lot of women do not prioritize preventative medicine, That is why we brought so many healthcare providers to emphasize the importance of yearly physicals .I was gratified to see that through our Women’s Health series, many women got a mammogram done and a colonoscopy after reading the stories first hand. If we have impacted one person to take care of their health, then we are doing our job.

The book has been over a year in the making, and has already stimulated conversations and created a buzz in both New England and around the globe. It has been supported by true leaders in their fields and their broader communities with a foreword by renowned activist and actress Shabani Azmi and testimonials from Desh Deshpande, Sushil Tuli, and Amruta Fadnavis.

The Women Who Win team states, “We would like to thank the remarkable women who trusted us and were confident to share their voice with us. We look forward to celebrating with you and the broader community in launch events in Boston, New York, and India.  A first of a trilogy, we aspire to make history in our journey of amplifying the voices of women and minorities, and we truly appreciate you letting us bring your journeys to the forefront.”

You can now buy this book on Amazon at a special promotion; you have the option of hardcover or softcover. To order your copy [or as a gift for a friend or family member], click the link here:


Women Who Win is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, and you can learn more about them on their website and social media pages [Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram] We invite you to join our global community.

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