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New England Council Of Indian Fine Arts (CIFA)

Hema Kalyanam

Nestled in the heart of New England, the Council of Indian Fine Arts (CIFA), founded in 2023, blossoms with a grand vision of preserving and promoting rich Indian art forms.

At the core of CIFA's mission lies a heartfelt commitment, beautifully symbolized by their logo that proudly states, "Where Art Meets Heart." Operating with a primary focus on unveiling untapped potential within our community, CIFA intends to craft platforms for youth to showcase their talents while exposing the community to Indian talent spread across the globe. Looking ahead, CIFA envisions bringing artists from India for workshops, talent showcases, lecture demonstrations and providing opportunities for our youth to curate and host  festivals and learn from other talents in the field. Today, CIFA stands tall as the largest group exclusively dedicated to Indian classical and non-classical art forms in New England.

CIFA's leadership, including the President, Vice President, and Arts Secretary, proudly showcases intentionally diverse profiles and backgrounds. This strategic curation by CIFA is deliberate, aiming to foster true diversity and inclusivity within the organization. President Nausheen Moulana, a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Ethisphere, where she leads product technology strategy and execution,  brings not only technical expertise but also aims to bring her adept management skills. Drawing from a wealth of experience acquired over the years, she aims to steer the organization towards new heights with effective leadership and management. Complementing Nausheen is Vice President Hema Kalyanam, a tech innovator and an ardent enthusiast of Indian Arts, who has joined CIFA to drive initiatives aligned with its core values. Arts Secretary Arya Shekar, an international lawyer and multi-talented artist, highlights her commitment to encouraging the youth of our community to pursue their artistic dreams.

This April, CIFA is set to dazzle our community with TARANG, New England's Premier Dance Competition. What sets Tarang apart from the myriad of other competitions? Tarang, hosted by CIFA, extends a welcoming invitation to all, irrespective of language or regional affiliation, creating a space where talent knows no boundaries. Their mission is crystal clear: to discover the most exceptional talents and generously reward the best in New England with not only lucrative cash prizes and scholarships but also with future opportunities for growth and mentorship in their respective fields. This commitment to fostering growth and recognition truly makes Tarang more than just a dance competition.

Mark your calendars for April 2024! Stay tuned for updates at www.Cifausa.org

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Hema Kalyanam

Nausheen Moulana

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