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Poem: Mumbai - A Wonderful City


Mumbai – A Wonderful City


My Mumbai vibrant Mumbai

It is like a masala mixture

Mumbai is rich plus poor
Mumbai is fast and slower
Little bit sweet, and sour as well
Sometimes it is hot other times not

Mornings are energetic and

Evenings are very electric
Noons are lazy but Nights are crazy

Evenings are frenzy and
Everyone is busy like a bee

Life in Mumbai not so easy

Inside cooker whistles

Outside the traffic jam horns
Sounds of steaming tea kettles and

Nani’s breaking of nut-betels

There is always lot of Masti

But with little bit of Maska

Telephone rings and doorbell brings
WhatsApp pings zoom meetings cues
There is little time to spare for kids
People spend their lives on bids and
Pay their travel fare by meter but
Milkman mixing water is not a cheater

Seva puri and Bhel puri are all Mumbai chaats
Relishing with spicy chutney is an art
From crispy pop-corn to cold ice-creams

All sold on cart in every corner
Mumbai, O’ lovely Mumbai

You are always close to my heart

Local trains and buses run on time

With their full speed and haste
And my rushing for a seat is not a crime
3 PM  lunch and 12 AM dinner
With all  the hardships, I still say

With a big smile “it’s fine here”


Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali

Madrasi, Malayali, Bihari and Kannadiga
Everyone gather to celebrate festivals
Holi is colorful and Diwali is cheerful
Ganesh festal is super splendid here

All faiths run deep as the Arabian Sea

Billionaires to baggers, super stars to armatures

Literates to illiterates, all are found in this city
This place is a bit witty and entertaining
The dream-world is huge but pretty

Whole world sleeps but not this Mumbai
Mumbai, O’ Mumbai you are a wonderful city


                                  -- Indrajeet

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