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Fundraising Reception For The Next Indian-American US Congressman, Mr. Rishi Kumar

Press Release

Please join us this Sunday, December 3rd (1.30pm to 3.30pm), in Burlington, Massachusetts, for a fundraising reception for the next Indian-American US Congressman, Mr. Rishi Kumar.

Meet Rishi Kumar, our next Congressman from Silicon Valley.  The incumbent just retired and it's time to have an India America tech executive in Congress!

I am inviting you to meet Rishi in Burlington on Dec 3rd

Rishi is currently a C-suite software industry executive, Rishi has a history of dedicated community service and achieving results; he holds the record for the highest number of votes in his city's 66-year history. His efforts have successfully reduced crime, taxes, and utility bills, always prioritizing his constituents' needs. Rishi is a proven doer, a rarity in public service.

In his 2022 Congressional bid for this very seat, Rishi garnered a historic and unprecedented 42% of the votes in a November race against the incumbent. With the incumbent's retirement, Rishi is the clear front runner. His 2022 performance marked the best by a challenger in decades, winning numerous cities and precincts within the district and earning widespread support, in spite of his run against an incumbent who had been in office for 5 decades!

Rishi's widespread backing is a testament to his effective campaign strategies, fundraising prowess,  endorsements, impactful messaging, and deep understanding of community needs and goals.

At a time when America is seeking alternatives to career politicians, Rishi, a dedicated tech executive with pragmatic solutions, stands out.

Let's support Rishi's victory. The election is on March 5th, 2024, and your contribution can make a difference.

If you can't make it, you can contribute to the campaign at:


When: Dec 3rd, 1:30pm-3:30pm
Where: 12 A Street, Burlington MA

Let's team and win!!

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