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Halloween CLIQ Style

Ranjani Saigal

The CLIQ social club hosted a Halloween Party at the Academy of Creative Arts on Nov 3. The event was a fundraiser for the academy that is home to all the wonderful Indian art, dance music and other classes. The space is also available for hosting other events. 

The event was really fun where the adult wore costumes. Several wore Indian film inspired costumes. Yet others wore western costumes. Wonderful photo booths provided fun opportunities for picture taking. 

Hetal Joshi did a fabulous copy of a Paresh Rawal character. His line of the evening “ Nobody should call me Characterless”.  In addition to a normal photo booth there was 360 rotating camera booth as well. For the attendees it was a rare moment of letting your hair down and having fun. 

The event turned serious for a moment as the audience just had learned about the passing of Chandu Shah, a leader in the community. For Hetal it was a serious personal loss as Chandu was one of the first friends he met in the New England area. All the theater aficionados remembered the great works of Chandu Shah who was a leading light in the world of theater and film in India in addition to being a great entrepreneur in the US. 

“Chandu was a true showman and he would have surely wanted the show to go on “ said Hetal and raised a toast to honor his dear friend. 

The CLIQ social club has a Facebook page and plans to host other events in the future. 

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