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Cambridge Kitchari Kirtan

Geetha Patil

Tamal Khusrau and Shakti organized Kitchari Kirtan (KK) at their residence, Cambridge, MA on Friday, September 22, 2023 evening with hall full of devotees. Everyone came with his or her open heart to celebrate the autumnal equinox and letting their souls reach out to the divine by singing sacred Bhajans.  The vibrations created by the rhythmic melodies, Indian musical instruments, and devotional verses of Bhajans uplifted their spirits and generated positive energy in the hall.

The program started with meeting and mingling followed by relishing of homemade Kitchari, a savory meal of rice and beans from India, along with chai tea for all the devotees. Shakti welcomed all the devotees to the program with her warm smile. She said that there are no hard and fast rules for chanting besides opening your hearts and souls to chant divine names and sing along with us. Tamal Khusrau, the musician in his opening remarks said that the sacred sound vibration of the mantras is the bridge of love that connects everything and every one of us with the Supreme Lord.

The KK featured a house band of accompanying musicians and singers known as Kirtan wallahs who led program with their tuneful Bhajans and made all other enjoy and rejoice together in the majesty of the divine names. This KK platform provides an opportunity to the devotees to give themselves to this healing gift. Everyone was delighted in raising his or her voice together in singing the sacred names in Sankirtan. The dynamism of this community is to not only display musical talents and practice of chanting but also in developing relationships that mutually help to enhance each of our visions, aims and projects.

Jerry Leake played Tabla, Ravi and Tamal Khusrau played guitar. Flute music by Locise Ross added relaxing power to the Kirtan. Tamal, Shakti, Ravi, Jaya Madhav Das and Geetha Patil sang melodious Bhajans praising Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Parvati Ma, and Lord Radhe Krishna and Lord Sita Ram. They also chanted Lord Krishna Maha Mantra in chorus that created positive vibrations and thoughts in the devotees.

Locise said, ‘listening to Bhajans could have a deep impact on our emotional well-being, helping us release negativity and embrace feelings of joy, love, and gratitude.’

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