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Are All Dry Fruits Heart Healthy

Dr. Indrajeet Tyagi and Dr. Iranna Hirapur

Are All Dry Fruits Heart Healthy
by Dr. Indrajeet Tyagi and Dr. Iranna Hirapur

Among all the organs inside your body, heart is the most important one to take care of. You do not just need to keep your heart beating; you need to keep it beating healthy. Numerous factors could cause the risk of heart diseases in the human body. However, the major cause behind an unhealthy heart remains bad and too much eating of processed/junk foods that causes high cholesterol level. Some fat-rich nuts and processed foods are high in cholesterol and Trans fats that could really raise the levels of your blood pressure in the body. Lack of exercise, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and tobacco usage, and obesity are some of the other major factors behind heart diseases.

We need to understand that nuts contain fat that is mostly healthy but their calories can still add up. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, coconut and peanuts do not have cholesterol since it generally comes from animal foods not the plant bases foods. These nuts have high triglycerides (fat) in them, which causes heart blockages. That is why you should eat nuts in moderation by using your common sense.


For example
-- if you eat 100g peanuts that means you ate 40g fat, which is not good for heart at all, even though they are rich in protein. You can get protein from different dal/beans.


--If you eat a 100g of any of these nuts sitting in front of a TV program. That means you already ate over 600 calories. To have those 600 calories, you could eat two tomatoes, two cucumber, two carrots for three times in a day.

Which dry fruits are good for heart patients?

Here is a brief explanation of the various benefits of dry fruits for heart patients and how can those help the heart patients to keep their heart safe and risk-free from various heart diseases. Dry fruits and nuts may be small but they have vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help keep your body healthy. Dry fruits and nuts generally contain zero cholesterol that helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body while raising the levels of good cholesterol.

* These dry fruits are a healthy choice for the general population and heart patients but not for individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance.

* Figs are rich in calcium and magnesium, good for bones, helps weight loss, helps good bacteria in intestine, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, good for gut health.

* Dates are high in fiber, good for heart, blood pressure, full of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acid, helps gut health and strengthen bones, and its potassium helps blood pressure.

* Apricot have lots of fiber and helps in night blindness.

* Raisins have laxative that helps in constipation, cough, dry cough, & nasal problems, lowers blood pressure, apply to wounds as it works as antibacterial

** Makhana are valued by medical science since they are good for kidney, diarrhea, likoria c and intestine related  organs an help manage blood sugar levels, weight loss, good for heart and bone, anti-aging, improves digestion, inflammation.

Which dry fruits are not good for heart patients?

Even though the associations between fat-rich nuts, specifically, almonds, cashews, pistachio, coconut, peanuts and walnuts, and cardiovascular disease remains unclear. As a common sense, it is better to avoid them from your diet. It is fine to have a few of the unsalted or unsweetened nuts occasionally since oils are a form of fat. Our bodies need fat for energy, digestion, vitamin absorption, and more. However, too much of fat can lead to heart diseaseAlso adding salt or sugar to nuts may cancel out their heart-healthy benefits.

How you can keep your heart healthy

You can keep heart is beating healthy and strong by making a drastic change in your diet and lifestyle. Firstly, for that one need to follow a balanced and healthy diet. Any inner body diseases could be cured or reversed by simply eating healthy foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and soups. Secondly, Our focus should be on avoiding cholesterol that comes from animal foods and triglycerides that comes from oils and nuts to avid blockage development in our hearts. Thirdly, regular exercise makes your metabolism stronger, improving your body’s immunity and avoiding the risk of heart diseases. Fourthly, a healthy heart does not totally depend on physical activities but on mental activities as well. So, avoid stress that weakens your blood vessels making your heart weaker and prone to strokes.

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